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Wide southern region of Spain inhabited by a people exuberant and lover of the holidays. Here was born the Flamenco, the excellent sherry is one of the greatest festivals in all of Spain. The region is also rich in history thanks to its geographical position, land on the border and conquest over the centuries by countless people in the Mediterranean. My experience and knowledge of this region is limited to a tour that touched the main city and a visit to the historical beauties, monumental and artistic Andalusia and rich. On these topics there is a complete bibliography is on paper or on a network, for which it is my wish to bring some impression.
From an economic point of view the Andalusia is considered a land poor and marginalized in relation to the other Spanish regions, the lack of a major industry or developed commercial sectors has relegated this area between the latest in Spain. Tourism as its beaches and the city of art only partly compensates for this situation is in many ways similar to that present in Italy with the south. Here, however, the difference with us is, it is possible to note in public services, always in order and on time, in compliance with the rules that apply to all, in the preservation of city, clean and well kept and not only in the large urban centers or in the historical centers but also in the periphery. My tour began in the city of Malaga pleasant and full of life (as in many spanish cities … .) with Alcazaba, recently renovated and with the Gibralfaro Castle where within there is not much to see but it is all well preserved, and is well worth a visit at least for the panorama which you can admire the city, harbor.
To follow a short stop along the Costa del Sol famous for its beaches and the fun. The stage and in Torremolinos a village of fishermen that from the years '60 is completely transformed into a well known seaside resort. Palaces and skyscrapers with hotel overlook continuously on the beach sand from ochre-brown. The old village little remains, some alley that climbs up along a ridge of rock to reach the top in a little square, also you now invaded by shops, restaurants, bazaars chinese, etc. The tour continues toward the town of Ronda placed in a spectacular location in the mountains of the Serrania de Ronda. The city is divided in two by a gorge high 100meters call El Tajo which divides the more ancient part, of Arab origin, from the city its position allows you to admire from on high, the great valley of the Rio of Guadalevin, a true spectacle. Great is the difference that it appreciates between these two parts of the city itself, the most ancient part (Ciudad) and quiet, peaceful travelled from a few people as well as by tourists that turn in the narrow alleys in search of something "original" while the new part is teeming with life, frantic bustle of people, busy roads, streets full of shops, etc.
Jerez de la Frontera and the subsequent city. Also here is hardly surprising the order, the cleanliness and the attention of the detail in all areas of the city in a special way in the delightful historical center. In Jerez we cannot do less than to visit a Badegas, a wine cellar for production of sherry so renowned and appreciated in England. Next stop Cadiz city that develops on a tongue of land that seems to penetrate the sea. The limited spaces available to have meant that both developed a planning system that narrow streets on which overlook tall buildings, a characteristics that many people like Spaniards and foreigners who here spend long periods of stay.
From Cadiz we move in Seville, it certainly is the most beautiful city in Andalusia. It's a city that fascinates, a mix of ancient and modern that live together in harmony without hesitation or forcing, difficult to find another city so. Its majestic cathedral, which is one of the largest in the gothic style of the world, with its treasures inside emotionally involves the tourist that climb the tower, called La Giralda, a minaret of the old mosque, with a complete overview of this great city.
Not least the Alcazar, a palace more than a castle, with beautiful interiors that make to understand the importance that this place had up to the past centuries. Seville is a city young and juvenile, were it not for its famous university city that has much to offer the tourist rushed but also to any one who wants to live it for a certain period. From Seville to Cordoba, a city more austere with a historic center very nice even if touristy. Its cathedral is worth a visit careful, there are few monuments in which, as here, you are expressed different religions at different times with different restructuring in the course of the centuries which has given this cathedral a special atmosphere difficult to describe. Oscar therein and to travel the historic journey in time and in the art.
And finally to Granada, a city lying on the hills with the vision on the Sierra Nevada. His Alhambra, a fortress, with its rich and splendid palaces interior and one of the most renowned historical sites of the whole of Andalusia. Millions of tourists every year visit, enter is not easy if you don't have booked species during periods of high season, the tours are scheduled and the groups have precedence. A fatigue that is amply rewarded by the beauty of the palaces in particular that of Nazaries inside of which you can find fairy rooms with the finest stucco work is prized by the soft colors of the blue and the pastel with wooden ceilings of great visual impact. In addition to the cathedral and the interesting Royal Chapel which completes the most important monuments of Granada, the city does not seem to bear comparison with the other in Andalusia, there is no lack of a life, the intensity of the people, though everything seems to be more anonymous and discounted as the historical center and the arab quarter that characterize it.

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