Andaman curiosities

The jewels of Rajput women

The rajput women wearing jewelry even when they are engaged in housework or more humble, are adorned with bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and anklets. Still today in many rural families jewels are the only property allowed for a woman and therefore the rajput li jealously preserve. Many forms typical of the jewelry of Rajasthan are of direct derivation mogul as the gallows with the little bells, earrings with pendant in the shape of a bell, the rings from the nose, the watermarks in gold and silver typical of Kashmir. To style properly rajput are the small square medallions or arrow with divinity or figures of heroes, the cuffs and the anklets with heads of dragon.

The largest census of history

It is begun to April 2011 the fifteenth census of the Indian nation. A company cyclopean they have worked 2 and a half million people between officials and volunteers to draw the framework for a nation that has grossly exceeded the billion people. The complexity is given not only by the vastness of the territory that goes from villages in the Himalayas to the forests of north-east where the Maoist rebels but also by 200 different ethnic groups, thirty languages and six different religions. Difficult task even for the fact that part of the population is still illiterate, and that in the more remote areas there was never a registry.

Indian fragrances and essences

Old Delhi and the Kingdom of the "Attar", a term of the ancient Persian, which means essence, fragrance. From the shops of the old town leaving intense aromas that create just the atmosphere typically eastern. You can choose between a wide range of fragrances and have packaged a perfume as the perfumer mixture between rose, jasmine, ginger, lemon, bergamot and grapefruit. The essences more rare are sandalwood and musk. Origin of ancient motion, the distillation process is very delicate since it affects the innermost part of each flower.

Pashmina warm wool

The pashmina shawl, steamboat and warm wool of Tibetan goat, is known all over the world. The term derives from pashm that relates to the undercoat of the Capra hircus who live mainly on the plateaus deserts of the Changtang bordering Tibet. Most animals graze in the cold, in extreme conditions, the more the yarns are warm and durable.. In June, during the period of the suit, the wool is removed to the goats using a comb of bone between festivals and prayers. During the summer the shepherds fall downstream to barter the wool with basic necessities. The lane thus obtained are then cleaned, dyed and spun repeatedly until they become almost as thin impalpable.

The black Krishna, the most beloved deity

Krishna, and the divinity more beloved by the indians and on its figure, in the course of the centuries, have accumulated a large amount of tales and legends. Eighth "avatar" of the god Vishnu, Krishna personifies both the Augusto maestro exempting profound teachings, both the bricconcello that combines jokes together with his brother, both the divine lover which interweaves loves with the shepherdesses. Krishna was born at midnight in a dark cell and his skin had a dark tint, a characteristic that justifies its name (the black). The tiny hero he was endowed with prodigious force and his deeds, sometimes supernatural, such as struggles with many demons, mix real and their spiteful toward the mother and of the pastors of the village that welcomed him. As soon as they reach the youth, began its amorous skirmishes with the gopi (local girls). This is the period of the life of the god preferred by the iconography where Krishna is depicted with a blue leather-black and long hair dissolved crowned with wreaths of flowers and intent on playing the bamboo flute.

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