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The Andaman islands are located in the southern part of the Bengal Bay and belong to the state of India despite are much closer to the coast of Myanmar (Burma). The archipelago consists of about 500 islands and islets located in an elongated shape that goes from north to south for about 500 Km, only 26 of them are inhabited, all other are completely uninhabited. The islands are predominantly mountainous and covered by a dense forest with wilderness areas of mangroves or coastal swamps in which they live monkeys, crocodiles and snakes. The chief town of the islands and Port Blair that is located in the southern part (South Andaman).

The island more organised for the tourist reception and the Havelock that can be reached in approximately two hours by ferry from Port Blair. The town of Port Blair is an obligatory step being the only place in which there is an airport with regular flights from Kolkata and Chennai (Madras). The Port Blair town is a typical indian settlement and offers no cue of tourist interest apart from the presence of a prison called Cellular Jail used during the english occupation which has been transformed into the national museum in memory of the martyrs who lost their lives in this lager english. Due to the different zones and coincidences between flights and ferries to Havelock, and necessary to an overnight stay in Port Blair for output from the Andaman Islands.

My destination for the stay and Havelock, reached from Port Blair after a transfer by a ferry that government was akin to a translated to other times. On arrival there is Thomas to greet me. Thomas is an Indian who has lived almost all his life in Rome and by a little bit of time is working for the realization of a small resort on this island, a structure that today bears the name of Andaman Islands Resort,
In reality, this is a great idea rather than a resort, the structure is taking shape and currently has a spartan wooden bungalows and a modern bungalow in masonry. The rest, reception, bar, restaurant and other bungalows are in slow construction. The appearance of true interest is given by its position in the immediate vicinity of the most beautiful beach of the island, Radhanagar Beach.
The resort is located in a large and luxuriant tropical garden, passing over which you reach the beach, which is not more than 200 meters. Thomas is helped by Shankar, a local indian everything extremely helpful. In a reality which is so small (for today for 2 or 3 persons) we agreed easily for everything, what to eat, what to drink, when to eat, how to organize the day, that day trip, etc. Thomas tries to meet the needs by making the stay very pleasant and informal. Not talking about the nights in which you decide to stay at the resort for dinner, Thomas (former restaurateur of Rome) and Shankar shall endeavor to prepare dinner menu which was agreed in the afternoon and the whole is consumed in the great garden around a nice campfire sitting on wooden trunks in the form of a stool (see album Andaman Resort). Here, as in the rest of the island, and in the evening there is nothing to do but go to the beach for a stroll and admire the sky studded with stars.
The island of Havelock and populated in the only northern part, the various locations or better the villages are identified with numbers that starting from number 1 (the port) reached the number 7 (our area with the beach of harbors Beach). This is due to the fact that the development of the island and has happened in different phases and each new village or new area, it was identified with a new number (see map). From a tourist point of view the island is still in its early stages of its development, and this makes it still livable and interesting.
It is a tourism destination by continental indian wealthy or as a destination for honeymoons. The area most affected by tourist point of view and that of the beach n. 5 On the north-eastern coast. Here you will find countless small hotel or small resort located along the entire beach that extends for some kilometers. Sea water by the colors emerald green and the large amount of coconut palms edge of the beach makes the landscape typically tropical as a dream. Pity that the depth of the beach is much reduced and in some places even zero, in addition, the abundant presence of palm trees combined with the exposure to the east, reduces the presence of the sun in the morning only.

N. 7 beach (Radhanagar Beach) where you will find the resort of Thomas described above is the only real alternative. The American magazine TIME has defined this as the best beach in all of Asia.This is a large language of fine white sand long almost 4 kilometers all surrounded by forest. Here many Indian tourists and foreigners the reach (there are links to bus or tuk-tuk) from other areas of the island to spend a day in a lovely place.
Another beach to report, and Elephant Beach which is located in an uninhabited area difficult to reach by land (only walk through a path). The best solution and hire a boat from the port and get there by sea. The beach is typically wild consists of white sand with a splendid sea front. Here there are still signs of the devastation caused by the Tsunami in 2004 where the water has uprooted many trees which are now at the beach, large skeletons that are reminiscent of the terrible event.
During his stay at Havelock can make pleasure make a revolution from the inside of the island perhaps tuk-tuk and go up to the village to the south of Kalapathar, a rural settlement which was typical of these islands is not yet contaminated by tourism.

If the time permits it, I suggest that you arrange a tour of the nearby islands. To do this, you must agree with fishermen or boys of port with a motorboat for spending a whole day running between some uninhabited islands. In our revolution we visited Inglis Island that has a large and beautiful beach wild with fine sand where you can find giant rabbits of all kinds (not you can pick up and controls in output are severe) and where the sea in front assumes colors and shades that range from cobalt blue to emerald green. Below the island of Henry Lawrance with a beautiful but contained white beach, the island of John Lawrance and l'islet of South Button where it is not debuts. The latter has a marine life that surrounds him truly incredible. It is scuba diving, just a mask and turn around this big rock to admire a considerable amount of tropical fish by the innumerable colors with predators of medium size and turtles.
The evening, when the sun goes down, before returning, all to fish near John Lawrance to get dinner. A "burr" long enough wound on a piece of wood, a bolt to keep low l'amo on which someone puts a piece of sardine or of the foil. Fortunately there was the captain of the motorboat and the good Shankar which have caught in abundance because if it was up to me, we would have gone to bed without dinner ........

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Album with the most interesting photographs and characteristics of the Andaman taken on the trip


There are several curiosities in this archipelago of islands that still refer to the culture and Indian traditions ....


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Andaman climate graph, month by month with days of sunny rain, rainfall, etc.

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