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Country of large grasslands of the great plains, of big waterfalls, of the great mountains and of the majestic glaciers ..... continue

Photo albums

Albums that collects photographs more interesting, characteristics and curious of Argentina captured during my trip In this colorful land.


Various are the curiosities of this great country as the history of the Gaucho, the Calafate legend, the Tango origins ..... continue

Buenos Aires climate

Buenos Aires, climate
Buenos Aires, climate graph, month by month with days of sunny rain, rainfall, etc.

El Calafate climate

Buenos Aires, climate
El Calefate, climate graph, month by month with days of sunny rain, rainfall, etc.

Argentina location map

 Argentina location map
Map with indication of the location and places of interest visited during the trip to Argentina

Valdés Peninsula map

Map of Valdés Peninsula with directions, points of embarkation, animals areas and whales.

Travel safe

World Health Organization
Web Site to consult for general info and health info before tackling a trip to Argentina.

Argentina's tourism

Official website of the Ministry for the Argentine Tourism

 Argentina in depth

Glacier Park

Heritage of UNESCO this large park is considered one of the most representative from the point of view of nature and landscape


History and culture of the ancient people of Patagonia told through photos on display in the Museum of the Glacier Park El Calafate.

Valdés Peninsula

Wild and attractive peninsula heritage of Unesco is a place rich in marine animals to be admired at a short distance.

Stone forest

riserva del bosco pietrificato argentina
La Reserva Geological Bosque Petrificado José Ormaechea is a site where the petrification of the trees of the Tertiary is visible.

   Robert's trips near Argentina

viaggio in Perù