Barbados curiosities

Barbados national holiday

It  celebrates the contribution made in Barbados by the people involved in the field of local fisheries. The Barbados Reggae Festival is one of the biggest musical events, the annual festival is held in the month of April and proposes singers local, regional and international superstar that satisfy the cravings of the lovers of the reggae of all generations. The festival involves people of every social class, race and culture that culminates with the "Reggae on the Hill". Are three feasts most popular celebrated every year in Barbados. The most famous and the feast of harvest "Crop Over" that has colonial origins and it is linked to the cultivation of sugar cane. Today has inevitably lost part of its origins and has become national feast.
Starting from the month of June, Crop Over takes place until the first Monday in the month of August, when culminates in the final, Grand Kadooment event similar to that of the carnival of Rio where many groups exhibit in a parade in the middle of the crowd singing, dancing and costumes with showy. Fishing is an important sector of the island for which the feast Oistins Fish, which is held in the homonymous town situated in the southern part of the island, has a great importance on the island.

Barbados national sport

Cricket is the most popular sport in the island. For local players join players from other islands in the Caribbean to form a team of cricket very known by enthusiasts of this sport that is "West Indies". This team has won the world championship for different editions and in some cases for consecutive years.

Barbados cuisine

In Barbados the local cuisine is the specialty bajan, hot peppers and spicy. In traditional recipes, there is the influence of the cuisine both African and Indian. The main dishes are conkies, cou-cou, cutters, jug-jug and fish steering wheel. The conkies is a flat-based mixed corn flour, coconut, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, raisins and spices steamed in a leaf of plantain species of banana). The cou-cou is a cream based on corn flour, which generally accompanies the salted fish. The cutter and a roll of salt bread for sandwiches with meat or fish. The jug-jug is prepared with flour of milo, green peas and salted meat.

Name Barbados derives ....

....  from the name "barbudos" i.e. bearded, attributed by the Portuguese Pedro De Campos to the lush tropical vegetation that covers Barbados, and is one of the few Caribbean islands not discovered by Christopher Columbus.

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