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Called the "little England", Barbados is the most eastern island of the Caribbean, has a shape which resembles a pear with a territory fairly level with some hillside within. The west coast has white sand beaches not very extended with limited amplitude that in some cases is very small but they are lapped by waters calm waters and turquoise. The Alatintic east coast is characterized by cliffs alternated with wide and long beaches beaten by the waves of the ocean that no respite. Much of the island is surrounded by coral reefs.

The island has a tormented history as it was for many centuries an English colony, very exploited both humanly that geographically by the settlers and subject to forced migration of slaves from Africa. In 1966 Barbados is an independent nation but its past has left its mark. The population has physical characteristics typical African and British culture has become an integral part of "bajan" (the inhabitants of Barbados). This does not mean that there is a lack of a local culture with traditions born and grown in these geographical area but is very prevalent mentality and way of living english. For Barbados tourism is the main source of income, for which the services and the possibility of accommodation offers are many and all pockets, from small guest house to the large resort from 5 stars that are not so few.
For my stay on this island i have chosen the Turtle Beach Resort a structure that is not very large, well organized, with good standard services and with a kitchen typically english …. The resort is located in the vicinity of the beach of Dover Beach on the south side-remaining western on the island and then toward the Caribbean sea.

As always the best thing to do, which I will always recommend it, and rent a car so that we can seize all aspects offered from the island. The road network is good throughout the island, the traffic is supported and sometimes chaotic only around the capital city of Bridgetown but for the rest, travel well and the only comment that I wanted to make the signs do not always present and/or incomplete, especially in the areas less frequented. As previously mentioned, the west coast, that is the one toward the Caribbean sea, and the most popular and rich in beaches mainly of fine sand reef with a calm sea and the colors typically caribbean ranging from turquoise green to various shades of pale blue and blue. The majority of these however are not very large and in some areas of the north coast - west they are very narrow and disappear easily with the high tide so that some resort prepare a garden on the sea rather than a beach. The most famous are those of Mullins Bay and Read's Bay to the north of Holetown, those of Sandy Lane Bay and Paynes Bay north of Bridgetown. South of the capital we find Dover Beach and Miami Beach. In this zone, neel vicinity of Dover Beach, is a small village called S. Lowrence Gap which has become one of the most popular entertainment centers of the island with a number of tavernas, bars and discotheques very frequented and open until dawn.

The east coast or Atlantic and constantly stop by twenty with the sea almost always moved if not stirred then with considerable difficulty in bathing. For these reasons, the more frequent visitors of these coasts are the lovers of windsurfing and kitesurfing as Silver Sands. Another characteristic of these coasts and the presence of long stretches of reef present in the area to the north and in the extreme east. This does not mean beauty and charm of these coasts that often have bays and offer a little protection from the violence of the sea as Crane Bay, Foul Bay or Bottom Bay. The stretch of Atlantic coast more central of the island, which is what part of Gay's Cove (north) to finish in the south at Bathsheba, and the wildest but also the most fascinating with in kilometers and wide beaches little frequented if not deserted as Morgan Lewis Beach. To report North Point locality situated in the extreme north, as the same word indicates, which offers a spectacular view of the force of the ocean. Even in the days apparently quiet, can be seen as the waves are crashing on the reef, the energy is such as to cause huge end noisy sprays that soaring beyond the cliff itself (see photo album).

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photo album

Album that collects photographs more interesting, curious and characteristics of Barbados captured during my trip.


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