Bhutan travel

Travel story

One of the reasons that drove me to visit Bhutan is its fame in being considered one of the happiest countries in the world ..... continue

Photo albums

Album that collects photos more interesting, characteristics and curious of Bhutan captured during my trip In this little land.


There are several curiosities of this small country as the "secret" of happiness or how to ensure that nature is a real wealth ..... continue

Thimphu climate

Climate graph of Thimphu
Graph of the climate of Thimphu, month by month with days of rain, precipitation, sunshine,  etc..

Bhutan location map

Location map and places of interest visited during the course of the trip to  Bhutan.

Travel safe

World Health Organization
Web Site to consult for general info and health info before tackling a trip to Bhutan.

 Bhutan in depth

Bhutan people

Video showing the many people encountered during Roberto's journey to Bhutan, including monks, adults, seniors and children

Bhutan festival

Video that collects dances, songs and the most salient moments of some religious festivals held in monasteries in Bhutan

Bhutan Kangyur

Video of monastic school of Decen Potrang where the monks reproduce the 108 volumes of the Kangyur (Buddha speeches) with golden letters

  Robert's trips near Bhutan

Andaman island