I am a fan of electronics and computer science, disciplines that I have always cultivated also in the professional field as Information Technology Manager. I have always had other interests that I follow, consistent with the time available, such as travel, photography, medieval history and astronomy.

I travel only for pleasure and for personal pleasure I manage this blog so in alisei.net you will NOT find advertising, sponsors or promotions. As often happens, I started traveling as a young man at a time when traveling involved fairly high costs so I selected destinations that were not too far away (I couldn’t afford it) for short periods. Meanwhile, time passed and after collecting several trips and many photographs, in 2008 the idea of creating a website was born with the intention of sharing my experiences trying to give information on the places visited so that they could be useful to others people interested in the same destination / journey.

The choice of the domain name ( alisei ) was not accidental but strongly desired, the trade winds represent for me the “noble” aspect of the wind, they blow constant around the equator without being impetuous, they blow both north and south, mitigating the temperatures of the areas they pass through are an expression of an element that cannot be seen but felt, that cannot be dominated nor captured, an element without limits and without borders, practically embodying the spirit that should animate a true traveler.

The journey for me represents a pleasure and an experience of knowledge of places, people and cultures to discover, learn and deepen. It’s not always easy to get all this when the journey is shared with more people, it takes a certain feeling and a shared vision among the members of the group because it works and that’s why I often travel alone.

Following my personal interests, for some years now I have started to include in this site also my travels to discover Italian medieval villages and castles, an immense cultural and historical heritage that Italy boasts all over the world. For these places I report my direct experience avoiding to replicate what is normally found in many paper and / or online guides, I try to write and tell what I have seen, experienced and perceived during the visit, accompanying the story with various photographs , videos, curiosities, information, advice and considerations.

For some time now, classical photography has added interest to video shooting and shooting / photography from above through a drone, all elements that tend to enrich and complete the visual information of my travel experiences with short films connected to my dedicated Youtube channel.

On the site there is also space for some thematic photographic collections, that is on specific topics of a general nature but oriented to the enhancement of photography whose contents are constantly evolving and / or expanding, there is also a space dedicated to friends (Alisei’s Friends) who want to post their travel photographs.

All the photographs and images present in the albums on this site have been taken by me with the exception of those in the “Alisei’s Freinds” collection


My avatar is a leopard photographed by me in the park of Okonjima in Namibia, a very intense experience lived a short distance from this beautiful animal, a symbol of strength and elegance in form and gait.


For any information on places, experiences and photos on this blog, you can write me using this ​form.


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