Albereto medieval village (Rimini-Italy)

Castrum Albareti, this is the Roman name of this fortified village that is located in the Conca valley within the municipality of Montescudo (RN). The village remains a bit 'defiladed with respect to the main road arteries, it can be reached by taking the provincial road 131 that leads from Montescudo towards San Marino. The first certain historical records of Alberteto date back to the year 1227, afterwards the village experienced the struggle between Guelphs and Ghibellines that also distinguished these valleys for which, after various events that saw some passages between the Malatesta and Montefeltro, we reach the Napoleonic domination finally to the papal one. In the middle of the fifteenth century, thanks to Sigismondo Malatesta, a modern city wall was built with bastions and the typical Malatesta escarpment.

The entrance to the village takes place through a single passage that surely, at one time, provided for a levatory bridge. The village is surrounded by a wall, recently redeveloped, with a rectangular plan with three low towers without loopholes (see map on the left). Entering the village there is a first little square surrounded by buildings some of which have been restored according to a modern style, for which they lost the ancient stone facades that surely characterized these villages. On the bottom a large building that is the central body of the village, now abandoned so much that a part of the roof has collapsed as can be seen in the shooting by the drone (see the video). Going straight on you go along a short stretch and then reach the wide balcony oriented towards San Marino. In this large square stands the bell tower, the only remaining building of a complex formed by the Oratory of San Bernardino and a parsonage that had been destroyed in a bombing during World War II and no longer rebuilt. After the beautiful view from the balcony, we take us to the second alley of the village that you take next to a house converted into a restaurant. Immediately we find some pretty houses inhabited and recently restored, then continuing along the other side of the abandoned central building described above, at the end we reach the square from which we entered. Virtually the view inside the village ends after this short journey, if you want you can take a ride around the walls where once there was a moat that protected the village.

Albereto curiosity

The only curiosity that may be worth mentioning is the presence of an ossuary (not visible) discovered as a result of recent restoration of the paving of the balcony near the bell tower. Here various bodies were found buried in three different ossuaries, along with the bones were found items of equipment that accompanied the deceased as bronze rings, medals with religious images, bracelets, crucifixes, etc.

Albereto considerations

The signs placed at the entrance to the village define Albereto as a castle, a definition that appears excessive. Albereto is a small, fortified hamlet, only partially inhabited, where there are two restaurants sign of the propensity to food and wine of this area. The ideas are of little interest even if you breathe an atmosphere of peace and tranquility along the only two lanes and overlooking the balcony. A visit to this village can be included among those of other more interesting towns / villages in the area.

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