Frontino medieval village (Pesaro-Urbino - Italy)

The small and charming village of Frontino stands on a rocky spur at 520 meters above sea level in a dominant position on the valley of the stream Mutino, surrounded by hills, woods and cultivated fields, offering an image of the past. Its certain history begins in the VI century AD when it had the name Castrum Frontini, then the castrum turned into a real castle with lots of fortifications. In the course of its history, Frontino also suffered the domination of the papacy, then passed under the domination of the Montefeltro, a powerful family in the area, to which he remained tied even when he was besieged by neighboring Malatesta although destroyed and rebuilt several times.

The location of this village, of only 300 inhabitants and not far from the mountains of Mount Carpegna and the Sassi Simone and Simoncello, is enchanting, placed on a large and high ridge of rock is visible and recognizable from a considerable distance. From distant times, the houses have occupied all the available space offered by the ridge for which there has been no building development for many years, but only renovations and / or reconstructions. To access the village there are two streets, one is the historical one and the other has been created with an intervention on the external walls still partly present on the south side of the village. Entering what used to be the entrance door of the past, we find the three possible routes to visit Frontino, on the right the road that runs along the city walls to the north, the main alley of the village in the center and the street on the left to the south which offers a beautiful view of the surrounding areas. The most interesting part is confined to the main alley. Crossing the central alley of the village we immediately identify with the spirit of this place, quiet, well maintained, with few people on the street mostly elderly. After a few steps, the alley closes and flanks the parish church of Saints Peter and Paul whose entrance and under a small portico. I was lucky enough to meet the parish priest, a very helpful and interested person in enhancing the church and the village, which told me different stories and traditions of the place. In the church there is a painting of 1610 belonging to the school of Federico Barocci, the most important urban painter after Raphael, representing the Madonna with Child and Saints Ubaldo and Francesco. Returning to the alley immediately, you can see the high civic tower, almost completely covered with ivy, which overlooks a small and charming little square. Continuing on, we skirt houses with lots of plants and flowers on display, a small emporium until you reach the fifteenth-century Palazzo Vandini, now converted into a restaurant. Immediately after a small garden and after some houses with typical stone facades, a square with a small watchtower that closes the walls and the village. Recently, a modern-style fountain by the Turin artist Franco Assetto has been created on the square with a questionable style if we consider the context.

Frontino curiosity

The International Festival of Scarecrows is held every year in Frontino, which recalls the ancient rural tradition that is variously interpreted by the taste of the participants; each one proposes his own interpretation of scarecrows according to his own imagination, with the chosen materials and also with the traditions, colors and style of his country of origin. Some examples of these curious and funny achievements are present in the photo album of the village.
In the vicinity of Frontino, it is worth mentioning the convent of Monte Fiorentino which dates back, traditionally, to its founder San Francesco (1213).

Frontino considerations

A small village, simple, clean, well maintained and delightful, the atmosphere that is breathed is one of the main elements that distinguish it. Not least the contact with the few inhabitants of the village, often elderly, who have proved to be hospitable and available at the interview, an element not just in case you want to evaluate a visit to this remote and a little isolated fortified village. It should be noted that the country is included in the list of the club "The Most Beautiful Villages of Italy", an important tourist recognition.

Frontino photo and video gallery

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