Latera medieval village (Viterbo - Italy)

Latera is a small village of Tuscia located in the upper Lazio and near the border with Tuscany. The village is perched on a hill at the edge of a valley of volcanic origin (Caldera di Latera).

Historical signs

Some finds from the Etruscan period, testify that Latera was a settlement of a certain importance, then they lose their traces until the period of the Longobard invasions where the name of Latera returns in the disputes of that territory, in fact the current castle rises on the ruins of an ancient Lombard fortification. In medieval times, Latera became a fortification of the Aldobrandeschi family and later a possession of Orvieto. After several disputes and changes of hands, it became a possession of the Holy See, until the vicariate of Latera was granted to Ranuccio Farnese. The Farnese family continued to govern until the extinction of the Farnesi, when he returned to the Church.

Visit to Latera village

The village is a small village with a typical medieval structure, surrounded and protected by thick woods that tend to hide it. Access to the ancient village takes place from a single door with a bridge in front that, presumably, at the time was to be a drawbridge with a deep moat that protected the ancient fortress. The rosy color of the facade, which also sees two side ramparts, certainly does not suit. Once you enter the village appears a small square overlooked by the Church of San Clemente and Palazzo Farnese (what remains ...). From here start two lanes that then reunite on the opporta part of the village. The main alley, on the right of the church, leads to a square with a balcony that allows a beautiful view of the surrounding hills, continuing beyond the passage, narrow and branch off vicoletti, underpasses between houses, stairways, etc. The view is short and can continue outside the fortified area where a more recent part of the village develops.

Latera curiosity

The "pizzicotto" is a typical dish of the ancient cuisine of the place, the ingredients are simple and healthy as the peasant tradition wants, in this case the only dough is used for bread, the surplus that does not end in the oven; the dough is "pinched" to remove pieces to be thrown into boiling water and then proceed with cooking. In memory and in support of this simple tradition, every year, in summer, a Pizzicotto Festival is held in which you do not eat only the "pizzicotto".....

Latera considerations

The medieval village is very small and has no buildings and / or monuments of relevance, the alleys are clean and well maintained, several houses have been restored without a focus on the historical context of the village creating a harmonious and seemingly untidy.

Where is Latera

Latera photo gallery

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