The painted doors of Lavaggiorosso (La Spezia - Italy)

Among the rolling hills overlooking the Ligurian Sea, there are many villages and hamlets that stand out against the intense green of the woods with their colors. In La Spezia, but not only, these villages are perched in daring positions on steep ridges with houses on top of each other and crossed by narrow alleys. Their position is generally linked to paths such as roads and mule tracks that connected the Ligurian Sea with the Apennine hinterland and the Po Valley. The tradition of these areas (like the well-known villages of the Cinque Terre) wants the houses to be painted in warm and intense colors like red and yellow in their various shades. This makes them very evident in the hilly landscape typically covered by thick woods.
Lavaggiorosso is one of these many villages. Located in the municipality of Levanto, it has no certain origins except for the church of San Sebastiano which seems to date back to the 13th century. The village has few remains of what was its past, there remains only a double portal lowered in stone visible along the outermost alley. Everything would seem to configure Lavaggiorosso as one of the many villages in the area, small, pretty, quiet, peaceful, clean and with a beautiful surrounding landscape. What makes it interesting is the tradition of its inhabitants who love to paint the doors of their homes, cellars, storage rooms, laboratories, etc. The visit consists mainly of this, along the narrow and winding alleys and many stairs admiring these works. Point out that these are not works of art, they are not paintings of great and renowned masters but they are pleasant paintings of all kinds and subjects that leave aside the skill and ability of the artist. A visit that engages for an hour or so walking pleasantly in a different context than the usual meeting, every now and then, the few inhabitants who are always kind and available to the questions of tourists.

Lavaggiorosso considerations

Lavaggiorosso is a characteristic village only because of the habit of painting the doors of the houses, for the rest it is a quiet and solitary village from which you can enjoy a beautiful view of the surrounding valleys. It deserves to be visited only if you are passing through this area or as an excursion during a seaside holiday along the coast of La Spezia.
In the photo album or in the slide show you will find a series of these painted doors, they are not all the ones I have seen but they are the best preserved ones

Lavaggiorosso photo gallery

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