Macerata Feltria medieval village (Pesaro-Urbino - Italy)

Macerata Feltria is a quiet town located in the heart of Montefeltro, on the hills that separate the Foglia and Conca valleys. The urban settlement is divided into two zones, the oldest and fortified one called "Castello", dating back to the Longobard period and located on a hill and down the most recent area which constitutes the active and modern nucleus with a small historic center.

Historical signs

Macerata Feltria has very ancient origins, it was founded in pre-Roman times with the name of Pitinum Pisaurense, before being destroyed and rebuilt with the current name of Macerata. Thanks to the cutting and trade of timber coming from the large surrounding woodlands, the town enjoyed a period of well-being throughout the Roman era, to then be destroyed by the Goths. The village was then subject to the Lombard domination and subsequently to the Municipality of Rimini. Involved like many other realities of the area in the struggle between the Malatesta and the Montefeltro, Macerata was definitively occupied by Federico da Montefeltro and subsequently followed the fate of the Duchy of Urbino, until it was annexed to the Papal States.

Visit to Macerata Feltria village

The fortified village dating back to the Lombard period is called "Castello", occupies the top of a hill and is dominated by the Civic Tower. To reach the Castle you can use the car and get directly into the heart of the village, I recommend another route that starts from the lower area at the Lucchini bridge, a structure that dates back to the 14th century. The bridge is located in Via Abeiena and is easily identifiable. From here begins the oldest route to access the village. Once past the bridge, you begin to climb a long staircase alongside some renovated houses that certainly represent a small nucleus of old houses. The stairway ends up on the main access road to the Castle, preseguendo on the main street slightly uphill you find yourself very soon between stone houses and narrow alleys of the most historic area of the Castle. Crossing a small vault we see a square overlooking an imposing building, Evangelisti Palace built in the sixteenth century and immediately after the facade of the church dedicated to St. Joseph, dating back to the fourteenth century, which preserves some important works among which the painting of the Madonna del Rosario. On the side of this square there is a balcony, a side of the main square where the Podestà Palace nowadays is the Civic Museum. On the right side of the building an alley allows you to get closer to the civic tower which has nothing interesting, rather better to see it from afar. From here begins the visit to the archaeological area of Pitinum, after some excavation campaigns, a medieval necropolis and a Roman building area of the Republican period was discovered.

Macerata Feltria curiosity

In Macerata Feltria there is a Museum of Vintage Radio containing a rich collection of devices in perfect condition and functioning, a collection considered among the most complete in Italy, a museum for fans of the sector.

Macerata Feltria considerations

The "Castle" of Macerata Feltria is a well preserved, clean village with precise information on the main points of interest. The most interesting part of the historical nucleus is quite small and there are several renovated houses that have not respected the style of the village thus giving the idea of a development that is not attentive to the conservation and traditions of the place.

Where is Macerata Feltria

Macerata Feltria photo and video gallery

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