Mondaino medieval village (Rimini-Italy)

Medieval village of Conca valley that develops along a ridge of rock with a shape that resembles a long and narrow spindle, today a very quiet place compared to the historical period experienced during the domination of the Montefeltro always opposed to the Rimini area Malatesta. His position meant that it was always a border area, a very disputed military outpost. The moment of greatest splendor was that under the Malatesta family who endowed Mondaino with a castle and a series of fortifications that are still partly visible.

The visit starts from the square outside the village where you can immediately admire the outer side of the Rocca with an elegant Ghibelline battlements and firmly resting on an imposing wall. Following the access from the main door, called Porta Marina, which bears the signs of the ancient presence of a drawbridge today replaced by a masonry construction. As soon as you pass the door, you will see Piazza Maggiore, a semicircular structure built around 1800 and adjacent to the fortress with an unusual semicircular shape which overlooks a splendid portico in the neoclassical style. From here it is possible to access the Rocca, inside which there is the municipality and a paleontological museum. From the square branch off three streets leading to the historic center of the village, the two sides that border the ancient defensive walls (only partially visible) are perhaps the most characteristic because they still retain the typical elements of medieval villages, however it is good to walk first the central road that represents the main street of the village. Along the way there are houses mostly renovated, many are those that have lost the charm of the ancient village adapting to modern needs, but a certain style has remained. The road gradually tightens up to become an alley at the square in front of the church of San Michele Arcangelo, an eighteenth-century church that preserves some valuable works of the fifteenth and sixteenth century as well as three finely decorated altarpieces (front of the altar). After passing the church, the village continues a little more between stone houses and recent houses until it reaches its final part where the alleys are reunited and where, today, a road allows the vehicle flow out of the town. From here you can go back towards Piazza Maggiore along the side alleys, especially the right one that winds between stone houses and walls of internal gardens.

Mondaino curiosity

Legend has it that the origins of Mondaino are linked to Diana, the Roman goddess of hunting, who seems to have been venerated here. This is already mentioned in the eighteenth century on the basis of an ancient manuscript which claims that here a temple dedicated to her stood, an aspect that seems confirmed by the discovery of a plaque in the old parish church.

Mondaino considerations

Mondaino is a medieval village that has few elements of its ancient past, the gateway and the fortress now occupied by the town, remains the ancient structure of the village perched on a rock spur and some sections of the side lanes to the main street.

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