Montegridolfo Castle (Rimini-Italy)

Next to the border between Emilia Romagna and Marche, the castle of Montegridolfo rises near the line that divides the valley of the Conca from the Valle del Foglia. The locality can easily be reached by taking the provincial road 17 that leads to Mondaino.

Historical signs

The origin of this village is not entirely clear, the first certain information dates back to the thirteenth century. in which the Castrum Gredulphus is named, the name given by the Rimini family Guelfa Gridolfi. The castle was sacked and burned in 1288. The reconstruction took place with various events until 1337 when the new walls were built with four imposing towers by the Malatesta who then dominated until the '500. Subsequently Montegridolfo followed the fortunes of the surrounding area, passing into the hands of the Duke Valentino Borgia, the Venetian Republic and the Papal State.

Visit to Montegridolfo Castle

The structure of the village that presents itself to the tourist is the original medieval one, the important embankment on which the castle stands is surrounded by mighty walls flanked by towers. Access to the village takes place from the keep, an important and elegant arched door dominated by a tower. Just passed the door here is a first square surrounded by various buildings including, on the right, the town hall. At the center of the square is the Viviani chapel with a copy of the black Madonna (see photo on the left), which has taken the place of the thirteenth-century Church that was destroyed.

From the square go straight on to go through the main alley of the village, the houses have been renovated respecting the tradition that wants the façades in light brick. In the whole village there are no commercial businesses apart from some restaurants and this helps to enter the most genuine spirit of the village. At the end of the alley, a remarkable building appears Viviani Palace, which stands on the ruins of the Rocca (Fortress), now occupied by a prestigious hotel / restaurant. From the building you can continue turning right along another alley that runs along part of the walls facing the sea with a beautiful view of the hills and the plains. Continuing we reach the town hall and, consequently, on the square from where we entered. You can walk a walkway on the side of the walls, the one facing the mountains, it is an alleyway overlooked by other houses recently renovated with the facades with exposed brick. This walkway then always leads to Palazzo Viviani, opposite the formwork from which one enters the village.

Gothic Line Museum in Montegridolfo

During the Second World War, these areas were part of the Gothic Line built during the Second World War and consisted of a series of imposing fortifications with which the Germans tried to hinder the ascent of the allies. Immediately outside the castle of Montegridolfo (on the right side with respect to the quarterdeck), there is a museum that collects objects, documents, newspapers both from the Nazi and fascist forces and from the allied ones that in these areas faced each other in a bloody manner.

Montegridolfo considerations

The castle of Montegridolfo is a fine example of a small well-preserved medieval village that deserves to be visited. The village is small but well cared for and walking around admiring houses, alleys, gardens, etc. it's pleasant. It is felt that the desire to enhance this village is part of the people who live there and not only for the cleaning of the alleys but also for the good state of conservation of individual properties. Also worthy of mention is the beautiful view from the walls towards the coast of Pesaro and Rimini, very impressive towards sunset.

Where is Montegridolfo

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