Saludecio medieval village (Rimini-Italy)

Saludecio village is located at the beginning of the Valconca not far from the Adriatic Sea in the province of Rimini. Positioned on a hill that rises and makes it visible from a distance, Saludecio is surrounded by rolling hills full of vegetation.

Historical signs

Its origins date back to the early Middle Ages and the first documents in which this village is spoken of are from 1100. As often happens to these small realities, Saludecio lived several historical events between battles and possessions that confronted the Malatesta against the counts of Montefeltro 1462 entered the Papal state.

Visit to Saludecio village

The village develops in a longitudinal direction and has two gateways, the one towards the sea called Porta Marina and the opposite one that is offered to the mountains called Porta Montanara. The most common access for tourists is by the 14th century Porta Marina which offers a beautiful panoramic view towards the sea.

After passing the Porta Marina, you enter a small square where, on the right, we find the Sanctuary of the Blessed Amato Ronconi and the adjoining Museum of Sacred Art, in the church the body of the blessed is kept inside an urn. Also in the little square there is a small chapel in which is preserved the ancient elm of Blessed Amato Ronconi with his relic much revered by the local population. Continuing on, we start along the main road which overlooks several noble palaces and the rich bourgeoisie of the past. Also on this street we find the civic tower and towards the end of the road, before reaching the Porta Montanara, we find the Church with an adjoining convent of the Gerolomini, a structure founded in 1640 by Blessed Cipriano Mosconi. Inside the church there are some interesting paintings of the eighteenth century. The center of Saluceto has two small alleys that run parallel to the main road and it is here that you discover that this village is full of large paintings on the facades of many houses (murals).

Saludecio curiosity

As mentioned earlier, the village of Saludecio is renowned for its paintings on the facades of the houses (murals) that are present, in particular, in the side alleys but also in the narrow and short alleys of connection. Unlike what happens in other villages, here the theme is not free and the artists must express themselves with paintings that recount "The human ingenuity of the 1800s". Along the side streets you can see beautiful works that refer to the birth of the Lumiere brothers' cinema, the invention of jeans, the experimentation of Foucault's pendulum, the invention of the bicycle or the tutù ..... An interesting review of paintings that is worth worth to visit. Saludecio is part of the "City of painted walls" circuit.
Every year in the month of August there is "800 festival", when the village is transformed into a large and unique open-air stage on which the nineteenth century is staged.

Saludecio considerations

The village of Saludecio is a simple reality that has some points of historical interest, compared to other similar villages in the area, it seems less to suffer from the abandonment of its historic center even if the village is not frequented and almost without commercial activities. The streets and alleyways are clean and well maintained like most of the recent and historic buildings. The feature that distinguishes it from other villages in the area are undoubtedly the murals.

Where is Saludecio

Saludecio photo and video gallery

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