Scorticata Castle (Rimini-Italy)

Scorticata Castle is located on a rocky outcrop overlooking the Marecchia valley and the underlying village of Torriana, which is part of it administratively. From its position it dominates the surrounding area with views as far as the eye can see.

Historical signs

Certain news of the castle, whose original name was "Castrum Scortigatae", date back to 1141. Its position has always been strategic for the control of the valley that connects Rimini with Arezzo, therefore always contended between the Papal State, the municipality of Rimini and the Malatesta.

Visit to Scorticata Castle

The castle was equipped with a long wall that controlled the entire cliff with various sighting points, largely collapsed structures. On a very near rocky hill facing south, it is easy to see how much remains of a square sighting tower dating back to the XIII century and dominating the Marecchia valley. Being placed on a peak that controlled the surrounding territory, it allowed to make reports to a whole series of guard points along the valley. At one time it was connected to the castle by a series of scaffolding.

From the external car park, the visit begins with a small climb that crosses the only access door to the village. The door is flanked by two massive circular towers and part of the male. After passing the door, a large square appears, a little bare and today used as a parking space for the restaurant that has occupied what was once the fortress of the castle. Continuing and climbing further towards the top of the rocky ridge, we find the bell tower with adjoining ecclesiastical building, partially rebuilt after the almost total destruction suffered in the Second World War. So we reach the top of the hill where there are the remains of the walls of some small buildings well maintained in memory of what life was like in this small village. From here the view is incredible, the view is lost looking towards the sea and observing a long stretch of coast that, on clear days, goes from Cattolica to Cesenatico.

Scorticata Castle curiosity

The Scorticata Castle, also called "Castello Due Torri", recalls the legend that may be the place where the sons of Paolo Malatesta (whose story with Francesca da Polenta was mentioned in the Divine Comedy by Dante) took revenge on his uncle Gianciotto Malatesta, husband Francesca, guilty of having killed his wife and her lover.

Scorticata Castle considerations

Scorticata Castle is located in an area of Rimini particularly rich in castles, fortresses and medieval villages, so a visit to this village can be considered interesting in this context. To mention the panorama offered on the valley and towards the sea really remarkable and interesting. The intended use of the male restaurant has led to the construction of an important metal structure to create a large terrace overlooking the valley very attractive for customers less for the village. Fortunately, this structure is not very visible from the village while it is very striking when you look at the castle from above (see filmed by the drone).

Where is Scorticata Castle

Scorticata Castle photo and video gallery

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