Tavoleto medieval castle (Pesaro-Urbino - Italy)

The castle of Tavoleto with its small historic center is situated on the edge of a steep hill in the valley of the Foglia at the turn of the Marche and Emilia Romagna regions.

Historical signs

It is believed that the first settlements date back to the Byzantine period. More concrete news, linked to his castle, date back to around 1300, a work that was carried out by the Malatesta family that at that time dominated the whole area. In the fifteenth century the castle of Tavoleto was involved in the war between Federico da Montefeltro and Sigismondo Malatesta, between 1439 and 1458 it was lost and resumed five times until Federico da Montefeltro definitively conquered it. Federico had the castle destroyed and rebuilt, a fortification that in 1631 passed to the Papal State. Its troubled history still sees a new destruction by the Napoleonic troops in 1797, the castle remained in ruins until 1924 when it was rebuilt and then suffered extensive damage during the Second World War. After the conflict, it was re-arranged as seen today.

Visit to Tavoleto Castle

The village that develops around the castle is very small and enclosed within an embankment that suggests a possible presence in the past of a wall. The visit starts from the main square, located along the provincial road, on which opens an elegant side full of windows of the castle. On the right of the façade, there is a small slightly uphill road that leads into the village and runs along the castle. Here the eyes rise to the sky to be able to admire the great crenellated tower that is visible from a considerable distance. Once you reach a small junction, which overlooks the parish church of little tourist interest, you can continue along the castle. The other road runs inside the village and then rejoins the square at the entrance of the castle.
The village, also back from several destructions, has been completely redone according to recent styles for which it has nothing to offer the tourist. Continuing along the walls of the castle, you reach the square on which overlooks the entrance of the castle, entrance protected by two mighty square towers and a metal gate through which you can see the inner courtyard and the main facade. The visible interior is simple but clean and well cared for, but beyond it can not go, for some years the castle is private, so not open to visitors. The property has renovated it to accommodate events such as weddings, conferences, etc. , a use destination that has contributed to its maintenance over time.

Tavoleto considerations

Tavoleto is a small town nestled in the hills of the Folgia Valley focused on its castle, very beautiful, well-kept and well maintained, but not visitable, the village inexistent within the walls.

Where is Tavoleto

Tavoleto photo and video gallery

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