Torrechiara Castle (Parma - Italy)

A beautiful well-preserved castle built on a small hill in a hamlet of the town of Langhirano. The castle was built over the years at the turn of the 1450 with a defensive function attested by three circles of walls and four large corner towers at the behest of Pier Maria Rossi, Count of Berceto, Marquis of San Secondo, an interesting character of the '400 that the qualities of a valiant military leader, serving first the Visconti and then the Sforza, he joins those of a humanist and intellectual cultured.

The road to reach it starts from the village and climbs up to the first door of the first circle of walls, a mighty shutter that reveals the presence of an ancient double drawbridge, a pedestrian and a driveway. Once you have passed the door, you enter the village adjacent to the castle, immediately the façade of the church of St. Lawrence appears and a walkway that leads to the second wall and to the relative door. After the door, a wide paved road, slightly uphill, leads to the square in front of the access to the fortress, from here you can access the stable area. Once inside the fortress, the Cortile d'Onore appears, a large square overlooked by the various wings of the castle, today the site of important shows and summer events. The visit of the ground floor can begin by accessing the premises that are on the right of the entrance to the fortress, here are a series of rooms with richly frescoed barrel vaults that can be admired and crossed passing from one to another. Starting from the hall of Jupiter we pass to that of the Angels, of the Landscapes, of the Victory to finish at the Coat of Arms. The rooms have undergone a fine restoration and are devoid of furniture, curtains and various finishes, in each room there is a small lectern with the description and the historical and artistic explanation.
The remaining part of the ground floor houses some service rooms such as kitchens. Going up to the first floor of the fortress, we find other rooms, the most important of the castle, here the frescoes are more intense both in terms of colors and scenes and themes represented, stands out the beautiful Sunset Room, the Juggling Room and finally famous Golden Room, the duke's wedding room that owes its name to the pure gold leaves that once covered the tiles that adorn the walls of the room up to about 3 meters in height, in the upper part and on all the walls, are present of the frescoes attributed to Benedetto Bembo depicting scenes from the ritual of knightly love. Last and pleasant visit to the walkways, a path that allows you to admire interesting views of the valley.

Torrechiara Castle curiosity

This castle is also known for the love story between Pier Maria Rossi, Marquis of San Secondo and Count of Berceto, already a great leader in the service of the Visconti and Sforza in Milan, and the Duchess Bianca Pellegrini, The passion that involved the two lovers is well witnessed in their alcove, the famous Golden Room inside the fortress. From this strong sentiment the legend has been born that narrates the presence of the ghost of Count Pier Maria who, during the full moon nights, still wanders around the castle and along the road that leads to the entrance of the fortress, reciting a dedicated motto to the beloved: "Nunc et semper", now and forever.

Torrechiara Castle considerations

Very interesting castle, good recovery of the external parts and interiors and the many frescoes in the various rooms. The interior rooms are bare without furniture but this does not detract from this castle worthy of a visit. Well preserved also the walkways that allow you to admire pleasant views of the valley.

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