The caves of Cuba

The island of Cuba is well-known for its beaches, for its culture, for its history but little for its nature. Among the many natural elements, the presence of many caves is still less known. The Cuevas are found in different parts of the island, some of which are visitable and deserve to be visited. Considering that they must be accessible to everyone (or almost), any difficulties have been 'limate' in order to facilitate tourists and minimize the risks. Few are in cases where this was not possible given the particular position and natural context.
The caves I had to visit during my tour were three.

Cueva Indio

This cave is located in the vicinity of Viñales and is very popular with American commodities. Since entry is only allowed in a group with a limited number of people, you must take the number to the ticket office where an employee is not always present. The feeling is to queue at the post office, if you get to the wrong time you run the risk of having to wait a long time before you can get in. The cave has easy access, concrete lanes also avoid risks for children, the route is short, the interior times are of some interest, you walk slowly until you reach the height of a small interior water mirror Cave, a small passage through the rocks. There are small motorboats, guided by the site's staff, able to accommodate groups of 8-10 people, waiting for their turn, then climbing and departing for a short, very enjoyable hike and with interesting views between properly illuminated rocks . The hike ends soon outdoors in an outdoor pond where it landed.

Cueva San Tomas

Cave located a few miles from Viñales. This is Cuba's largest cave extending over 40km, of which only a small part can be visited. The hike, which I would call demanding, lasts for a couple of hours, comes with a helmet and a lamp to be applied to the helmet itself, and from this one begins to understand that the cave is illumined and that the internal path has difficulties. You enter a group at a time with the guide and the group is limited to 10-12 people. The mouth of the cave is at a height of one hundred meters from the reception point for which it begins with the uphill climb on an irregular and narrow stairway drawn between the rocks. Once you enter, after a few steps you need to turn on the lamp, the path is tortuous and narrow at some points, there are some difficult steps where you have to help using a rope to climb or descend (a kind of small ferrata ), In short it is not a walk but this should not scare you. The visiting cave part is interesting, though the shortage of light does not allow you to appreciate large stalactites or high times in some stretches, even the large 12 meter high stalactite is not as valued as it deserves.

Cueva Bellamar

This cave complex is located in the vicinity of the town of Matanzas. Easy to reach, easy to access, very popular with tourists and American groups. Also here you enter groups of 12-15 people with the guide and the entries are about 20 minutes around to not create long queues. The cave is cleverly illuminated by highlighting its peculiarities and beauties. The path winds through large caves with beautiful stalactites and narrow passages with limestone and crystalline formations that, suitably illuminated, create pleasant effects. The cave is easy and safe so it can be safely visited by families with children.


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