Cuba travel

Travel story

Often Cuba is seen as a tourist destination of the marine type thanks to its splendid cayos, in reality is much more ..... continue

Photo albums

Albums that capture the most interesting, fun and curious photographs of Cuba taken during my trip.


Several are the curiosities of this Caribbean island including the legend of Giraldilla or the origins of Guayabera ...... continue

Havana climate

Climate Graph of Havana
Graph of Havana climate, month by month with days of rain, precipitation, sunshine,  etc..

Cuba location map

Location map and places of interest visited during the course of the trip to  Cuba.

Travel safe

World Health Organization
Web Site to consult for general info and health info before tackling a trip to Cuba.

  Cuba in depth

Carmen Church

Church of Havana, little known by tourists but to be visited for the valuable interiors

Along the roads

Curious and / or unusual images taken along the streets during my Cuba tour


Visiting Cuba, people often meet people who represent the true Cuban essence


Few know that in Cuba you can visit different and interesting natural caves

Small faces

Photo collection dedicated to the spontaneity of Cuban children


Photos, directions, suggestions and maps of my snorkeling experience in Cuba


Cuba has many castles and fortresses, here we come and visit some of them

Josè Martì

Writer, revolutionary and poet, the most loved character of the Cuban people

Cayo Jutias

Beautiful wild cayo taken from above by the drone

   Robert's trips near Cuba

Dominican Rep.
San Blas