Small faces of Cuba

'Small Faces' is a section dedicated to children and present in some of the destinations on this site. In my travels I have been able to appreciate a particular aspect that distinguishes children from some populations. Excluding those situations and those places where photographs of people are still very badly seen for 'pseudo-religious' issues, I noticed that in many countries, generally low-growth ones, the attitude of the children towards the tourist and photography Is different from that of Western peoples. It is not my interest to deepen this phenomenon here, but I like to bring it back and document it whenever possible.
Even in Cuba I found the context I was talking about, kids are less timid, more available, more involved in contact with the tourist and photography and this is not because they expect a gratification in some form but because they appear more spontaneous and direct, attitude Which in the known West is disappearing and I believe, not because of the children.





Children in Cuba do not hide when they see a camera, rather they are excited, call their comrades, invite you to take pictures and look like consumed actors. On several occasions I went to elementary schools (where they exist) and the reception has always been good (I was only removed once), just do it with discretion.






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