Smartphones and Internet in Cuba

Use smartphones and tablets to connect to the internet

In Cuba wireless communications (cellular networks) have been present for some time, the state has been worried about providing good coverage for voice and SMS communications over cell phones but has not continued with the up-grade of the network Towards digital technologies for which wireless coverage is of type 2G ie based on the GSM system that can only transmit voice and SMS or GPRS communications in some areas. Despite the push for technology-related devices (smartphones), the state (here are no private telephone companies) did not want or could (understand everything) evolve the network to 3G technology not to mention that 4G.
However, if you want to give a response to this need, you have preferred to take another road so that all smartphones now come with WiFi, which is not very efficient but definitely cheaper. In cities, towns, and a few countries, the state-owned telecommunications company ETECSA has installed WiFi access points in the city's main square, offering paid internet connectivity. Access to the network requires access to the communications company's offices (prepare long files ...) to receive access codes for time connectivity. During my Cuba tour, the cost was 2CUC/hour. The squares where there is Wi-Fi coverage are easily noticeable as there are always a number of people busy with their smartphone, a number that is noticeably increased even in the evenings for tourists. Considering that coverage is typically provided by two access points for each area, one can imagine the level of service obtainable when there are 100-150 people on the square and connected.

To conclude, be aware that for all telephone operators, Cuba is a state that falls into Group 4 so there is very high roaming costs on the data so be sure to inquire well with your telephone operator before leaving.

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