Snorkeling in Cuba

For all those who like me are fond of sea bottom but do not dive, snorkeling is a good compromise. Surfaces that can be reached by the sub are certainly more enjoyable, but good satisfaction can be achieved by diving only the underwater head if you do it in proper marine areas. Cuba offers several well-known snorkeling sites, but many of them were incompatible with my tour. I had to try to immerse myself in two well-known areas, Bay of Pigs and Playa Coral.

Coastline of the Bay of Pigs

Along the road connecting Playa Larga to Playa Giron in the Bay of Pigs, there is a stretch of coast with coral formations close to the coast so easy to reach when you enter the water. There are no beaches but points of entry into the sea more or less difficult considering the sharp rock. Only in the most crowded places there are wooden or metal staircases, for the rest you have to arrange yourself. The most famous point of this coast is that of Punta Perdiz a small village in the all inclusive model where, with a modest number of days, you can take advantage of several services, bar, restaurant, deck chairs, fins, masks, instructors etc. The center is very popular with American groups that come in so many times that I recommend getting there early in the morning for those who intend to spend some hours in this place.

Nearby there are other sites (see map), in that front Cueva de los Peces (a small indoor lake connected to the sea with clear water and tropical fish) some locals rent out equipment and access to the sea is facilitated. I was immersed in both places and then finished with a third dive at Los Cocos (see map). Overall snorkeling is unobtrusive, coral formations are quite rich in coral varieties while I found a bit lacking in the variety and quantity of tropical fish, however worth stopping but do not expect backdrops like those in Maldives or Indonesia Or the Red Sea.

Playa Coral

Playa Coral is located near Varadero along the road leading to Matanzas. Also in the Playa Coral area, the coast offers coral formations near the shore for which it is possible to snorkel by simply diving into the water. Shortly before the beach, there is a well-organized dive center where you can rent the equipment and be followed by instructors / accompanyers who bring tourists to the most interesting points. Even here you get into the water through just two 'easy' steps, you have to say that crowding is remarkable, the usual Americans come to large groups and in the water you often find yourself bothering or paying attention to other swimmers. If you want to move freely, be more free and quiet, just go about 500 meters to find the true Playa Coral unattended and not served at all, the only refreshment point with nearby beach facilities is now abandoned but umbrellas are remained. Snorkeling is unhelpful in the whole area even though the best corals are located at the dive center where fish are also concentrated (I tried to dip in both areas).

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