Fuerteventura travel

Travel story

Crystal clear waters, year-round sunshine, mild temperatures, endless stretches of beaches, wild nature, Fuerteventura ..... continue

Photo albums

Albums that collects photographs more interesting, characteristics and curious of Fuerteventura island captured during my trip.

Island curiosities

Different are the curiosities of this island including the popular carnival or the strange story of the villa Winter at Cofete .... continue

Fuerteventura Climate

climate graphic of Fuerteventura
Fuerteventura climate graph, month by month with days of rain, precipitation, sunshine,  etc.

Fuerteventura map locations

Map of locations and places of interest visited during the trip to Fuerteventura.

Travel safe

World Health Organization
Web site to consult for general information and health information before tackling a trip to Fuerteventura.

  Robert's trips near Fuerteventura