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Travels told through images with explanations and comments,
slideshows with the most beautiful photographs of the places visited by Robert


Surrounded by two Asian giants (China and India), little Bhutan manages to maintain its autonomy, its traditions and its Buddhist culture.


Trapped in the past, Cuba is full of contradictions as to make a trip to this island exciting and full of surprises


Island of the French West Indies in which the natural beauty of the Caribbean merges with a social reality organized western-type


Country ancient history crossed by invasions and conquests that saw the rise and fall of powerful kingdoms


Bali, "Island of the Gods" for its 20,000 temples, Lombok with its beaches and Gili islands with a sea and the enchanting depths


The great variety of natural parks has drawn many tourists who want to experience the life experience of the savannah


Land of the volcanoes, barren and wild apparently little interest, in reality the nature here is expressed with the colors and contrasts

Los Roques

360 atolls from postcard to a supreme hand has rerouted as star dust on a platform reef in the Caribbean Sea platform


A land of exceptional landscapes, rich colors, unspoilt nature, land that conquers the tourist and leaves indelible memories


It is difficult to sum up in a few words the beauty of Namibia, infinite spaces, great silences, animals and warm colors 


Great steppes which follow one another arid plateaus to reach the large glaciers, an example of untouched nature


A country rich in archaeological sites of the great Inca people with evocative deserts, high mountains, extended plateaus and with an amazing nature.

San Blas

An archipelago along the Atlantic coast of Panama, made up of 380 islands and almost deserted and wild atolls scattered in a large lagoon.


This archipelago of over 100 islands and coral granite is among the most popular tropical tourist sites, its reputation is deserved.

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