Hurghada travel story

As part of the Red Sea destinations Hurghada is a landmark along Sharm el Sheikh and Marsa Alam. Unknown to the public until a few years ago, El Ghardaqa, real name of this city, overlooking the eastern side of the Red Sea and offers tourists a typically costs but desert dotted with coves and bays with rocky ridges. The sea is typically colored green and turquoise like all the resorts on this sea with portions of coral reef near the coast even if that "genuine" and far enough away from the shore. The arrival of mass tourism dates back to many years ago and has led to inevitable imbalances. The large spaces have allowed the realization of villages really large even with more beaches available to facilities that extend along the coast spaced from abandoned areas often used as landfill sites. The climate is typically hot and dry but always windy. To some people this may cause some discomfort, but the wind ensures a greater tolerance of the hot in the summer season it is considerable. Rarely Hurghada is interested in sand storms, although in my experience (in spring) i had the opportunity to see a storm strike the tourist resort, show very impressive when viewed from a distance .....

The Hurghada town has nothing particularly interesting, one part is destined for the tourists and is rich in shops filled with the usual things. Strolling through these streets and subject to continual and insistent "attention" from sellers that you invite us to enter in their shops and admire the exhibited products. The other part of the city is the most typical, it can grasp the true spirit of living in those places with people, situations and environments that are part of the Arab world. In these places the tourists is not seen very well almost undermined their privacy attitude that creates some embarrassment. In these conditions I have not heard of taking pictures, even though the temptation was strong. On my own experience, i don't recommend going alone in the old town.
Interesting excursions that can be done from Hurghada are different, personally i think only two of them, Luxor and Giftun. Having regard to the relative proximity, Luxor and reachable and can be visited in one day with early morning departures and journey of several hours of coach through a desert which seems without end. Giftun marine park and egyptian situated about a 40 minute speedboat Hurghada. It consists of some of the islands completely dese rtiche and flat with a sea and a barrier reef truly beautiful. Normally it starts in the morning and spend the entire day between baths and snorkelling. Here you can admire columns of corals high many meters that are detached from the seabed surrounded of an incredible multitude of colorful fish. After a fleeting meal on board it debuts on the main island to enjoy a little relaxation on the various beaches of the island and surrounded. The sea in front of the house and beautiful, rich in nuances with vibrant colors. During the journey is easy cross groups of dolphins that have all the fun to jump around the boats in their typical way as if they wanted to greet the tourists that do not lose the opportunity to take multitudes of photographs.

My experience with this location and has been lived at the village Coral Beach, huge facility a little solitary along the coast south of Hurghada. The village offers a pleasant reef right in front of one of the three beaches within easy reach. The diving center, present therein, provides the necessary equipment for both the simple snorkeling for both the classic diving. The village has a variety of restaurants from the main to those at issue is not always open in the different periods of the year. Two swimming pools, three bar a disco and other minor services complete the offer of a village where, having regard to the distance, for internal transfers you can use a shuttle service available to customers.