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Gulungan, the death of a tyrant

It is one of the most important anniversaries of Bali, recalls the death of a tyrant legendary. On the occasion of this anniversary, the festival lasts 10 days, all the gods descend to earth to take part in the festivities. Barong (a mythological dog-lion) passes from temple to temple, and from village to village with jumps and flips while people ago feast and have fun with friends and family. The celebrations culminate with the ceremony of the Kuningan in that people greet and thank the gods that fell to earth for this occasion. The Kuningan is a festival open to all and foreigners are allowed and welcome.The date of the celebrations is not fixed but varies according to the Wuku calendar that consists of 210 days/year divided into 10 different types of weeks per year, with a variable length of days, one thing for us in the west fairly complex.

Samur kites in Bali

Traveling in the southern region of Bali you cannot fail to notice the large amount of kites that they soar in heaven. Some of them are well visible even from a distance thanks to the considerable size and have a tail that extends for even more than 100mt. Many of them reach such heights to give to draw the attention of the pilots of the aircraft. For many balinese, these kites have a religious significance, i.e. have the task to whisper to the ears of the gods, remind them something that is important to someone, as the healing of a disease, hope for a good harvest of rice, etc.  For most of the inhabitants kites are a fun and in the month of July in the open spaces in the surroundings of Sanur organized events where the lovers of this art is defying stunts and ability to create figures in the sky with their kites. Much attention is given to the drawings and the colors used for dipingerli, there are also races only on these aspects.

Seaweed ice cream

Carrageenan is a substance emulsifier used as a thickener in the manufacture of ice cream, cheese and many other products and is also used as a substitute for fats in diet products. In the island of Lembongan, in the vicinity of Bali, is cultivated an alga with a high content of carrageenin and this activity involves the vast majority of the inhabitants. The work is hard and tiring but for those who do not have other resources or possibility if not the fishing there is little to do. The cultivation occurs predominantly in a lagoon by the shallow water and calm where waters are rich in nutrients promote rapid growth of algae (about 45 days). The crops are easily visible, it is of large arrays of strings that are attached to the two extremes, and on which the alga attaches and grows. Now is the period of maturation, the ropes rich in algae are brought to the ground where the women and men, often elderly, endeavor to remove the algae from the strings (operation completely manual) and then have them dry in the sun. Once the drying the algae are exported all over the world for subsequent processing and extraction of the carrageenan.

Bull race in Bali

The area of Negara is famous for the running of the bulls (mekepung), events that take place between July and October. Each stroke concludes with the award of the BUPATI trophy CUP. The animals are in reality of buffalo that you scream on a stretch of road or beach 2Km pulling tiny carts in which drivers, dressed in clothes sgancianti, guide and incite the animals in a standing position. The winner is not to force those who arrive first, there is a allocation of scores that also considers who ran with more elegance.

Nyepi, purification rite

Nyepi is the rite of purification more important to the balinese and its purpose is to expel all the evil spirits and allowing you to start the new year in best way. On the basis of the calendar hiudu, this anniversary falls between March and April.In this particular day, from dawn until sunset suit the island stops literally. Do not fly the aircraft, the movement is prohibited to all means of transportation, it is also prohibited the circulation in the street of people, tourists including.Nyepi is a moment in which you try to fool the evil spirits by thinking about them that the island of Bali has been abandoned and encourage them to leave. To the balinese is a day dedicated to prayer and meditation.Tourists who do not comply with the rule, and leave the hotel or from the houses of residence are almost immediately intercepted by "pecalang" (an official of the police of the village) and escorted to the hotel or in the house to stay.

Ogoh Ogoh and the demons of Bali

In the weeks preceding the Nyepi (see above … ), in the villages are built large and elaborate monsters of papier called Ogoh-Ogoh whose realization participates enthusiastically throughout the Community. The evening before the Nyepi, throughout Bali ceremonies are held for the purpose of attracting the demons out of their hiding places.The belief says that they are found in the center of the village to which the village priest and here that makes the exorcisms. The rite continues involving all the nations that start to make noise with anything, drums of tinplate, firecrackers, striking trunks cables (kulkul) and anything else that can make the noise deafening. While all this occurs, all scream "gradually" to cast out demons. The final part of this night unleashed and the time in which the Ogoh-Ogoh are given to the flames.It is believed that the demons who resist all this if it will be the day after on the occasion of the great silence in which will fall on the island of Bali for Nyepi.

Balinese and Indonesian dishes

The indonesian gastronomy is influenced by Chinese, Indian and dutch and varies from island to island. Rice is the absolute protagonist, is served as a main dish and side dish. For the fried is used coconut oil while the coconut milk is an ingredient for condiments. Le spezie sono molto utilizzate e ricordano i curry indiani. Spices are used heavily and are reminiscent of the Indian curry. The meat more consumed are based mainly on the chicken, a few of the dishes based on beef. The pork meat is consumed by the populations hinduiste and Christian that are the minority. Everywhere is consumed fresh fish.

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