Indonesia - Bali Mother Temple

Pura Besakih is Bali's largest and most important temple to be nicknamed "the temple temple". The temple is made up of a collection of 23 different temples connected to each other. The greatest, revered and well-known is Pura Pennatran Agung. The origins of this temple are not certain, but it is believed to have prehistoric origins.
The main access to the tourist is made up of a long staircase from the access to the complex which develops on six terraced levels. At the entrance there is a door (a split tower divided into two parts) of considerable size that allows access to the second level. Not all temples are accessible to tourists, pay attention to behaviors, and do not trust those who propose as a companion (there may be bad surprises). In the vast space of the second level there are many important religious festivals or simple religious functions. What I am going to describe, mainly through images without knowing the rite, is a funeral honor to which I have been able to attend. Although it may seem to somebody a somewhat macabre experience, I assure you it is very interesting, engaging and definitely different from similar Catholic / Christian functions.

The entrance to the complex of temples with the long staircase.

We entered and we are at the second level of the temple, area allowed for tourists visit and where the funeral ritual is going on.

The religious function takes place around a temple where, in an urn, the remains of the deceased reside. Priests play the rite and around the relatives and friends sitting and listening.

There is a time when priests approach their relatives and friends and bless with water the offers that each person has with them (the basket with fruits and flakes)

At the end of the ceremony, the women parade bringing the baskets with bids to the deceased.

The ceremony continues and ends with the exit from the temple with women who continue to carry the baskets on their heads.

In the baskets there are several products mainly of the fruits of the earth; On the tabs of paper are written the names of ancestors who always play an important role in Hinduism

Now the ceremony is over, the close relatives of the deceased are still standing for a photo memory. The ashes of the deceased are inside the urn placed in the person's basket at the center of the photo

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