Ischia travel story

Ischia, the largest of the Phlegrean islands, is about 30 Km from Naples. His fame as a spa town since Roman times and due to its volcanic origins and the presence of innumerable hydrothermal basins. The hotel structures that who take advantage of this special notes do not count and the best ones are also placed in corners of the island, very suggestive amidst pine trees and the typical mediterranean vegetation and surrounded by beaches and charming landscapes. There are several ways to reach the island from the mainland, mainly from Naples and Pozzuoli in both ferry with hydrofoils. The races are frequent and it is not necessary to book in advance as argued by the shipping companies if not in full of the summer season.

Spiaggia di Sorgeto Ischia

The arrival on the island by ferry from suffered a strange sensation. The ship seems to be huge in comparison with the small harbor with a very small wharf where we must differentiate between those who are waiting to climb and those who descend. Ischia Porto is the main center of the island, always busy and sometimes hectic, with a pedestrian center with many shops typically for tourists. The beach adjacent to the center of the country is uninspiring. Ischia Ponte is a ramification of Ischia Porto, but represents an angle much more quiet with a seafront very nice. Here stands the powerful Aragonese castle located on an islet above 100 meters across, and connected to the main island by a long stone bridge. The castle can be visited every day and are accessed walking along a tunnel dug out around the year 1450.
Another town that deserves to be visited and Forio. Second municipality of the island located in the west possesses a remarkable port, has a historic center that has maintained the characteristics of a time with alleys, churches and watchtowers. Also here there are shops for tourists which propose articles "local" such as spices, ceramics, liqueurs, etc. interesting is the Church of Soccorso dedicated to S. Mary of the Snow placed on a promontory on the sea, church that represents the symbol of the Ischitan town. Other places of interest but minors are Casamicciola and Lacco Ameno. The island has some of the places very beautiful as Sant'Angelo. Original fishing village located on the south coast is now surrounded by luxurious hotels and facilities of a certain level that make Sant'Angelo a little Capri. In the village and bandit traffic to the motor vehicles (seen also the narrow streets) is the only means of locomotion are represented by electric cars or by the classic Ape car to three wheels previously authorized. Overlooking the town, there is the islet of Torre Sant'Angelo connected to the island by a thin strip of land. The whole country, promontory and isoloto makes this location very impressive.

Madonna del Soccorso Ischia

Nearby is located the largest beach on the island called Maronti, long strip of gravel with many bathing establishments well equipped and served. The coast of the island of Ischia is predominantly jagged and between cliffs and wild corners open small hidden corners very beautiful even if sometimes not easy to reach. Among these I would like to point out the Sorgeto beach where there is also a spa close to the shore and the beach of Cartoromana. For those who reach Ischia with a car it should be noted that all streets are narrow and winding streets, even the main that runs around the island has continuous bottlenecks that compel us to unique senses also alternated for guilt of parked cars.The other roads are even worse, the passage is almost always for a single machine and when it crosses another car has been the custom for one of the two face reverse up to find adequate space for bringing. The island is well-equipped and the tourist has not spoilt for choice of the structure where you can spend your stay. Personally i chose an apartment on the top of a hill in a quiet position from where it was possible to have a wonderful view of the eastern part of the island, the surrounding sea with Capri in the background.

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