Lampedusa travel story

Defined as a "sliver" of Africa, this island reserve to tourist a natural environment very interesting both to rival many of the places most emblazoned. is a small island, of elongated shape, does not exceed 9 km in length. Rocky, sometimes bitter with very little vegetation mainly low, windy, scorched by the sun, with rugged coastlines and deep coves and with a splendid sea, a set of factors that make this island is a beautiful seaside resort which deserves to be visited. The town is a photocopy of a typical sicilian country overlooking the sea, low houses predominantly white and homeless gathered around the old port where you can still see several small fishing vessels that were used once. At the nearby harbor new swarm of modern fishing vessels and are also found small boats with which the fishermen offer tourists excursions around island.

A experience which deserves since it allows a different vision of Lampedusa not appreciable from the ground. By agreeing beforehand and by treating costs, the tour may also include one or more stops for bathrooms in clear waters and turquoise as well as a fleeting meal on board. Lampedusa is a island which is seen in all its aspects and places for which it is recommended that you hire a car or a scooter. Here there are still many Citroen Mehari characteristic car of the desert the years 50/60 derived from the two horses of the French house. The coast of island is divided into two distinct areas, the northern part impracticable, consisting of ridges on the sea cliff and stop by the winds and the sea is often stirred and the south coast more sheltered and calm with bays and beaches. The beaches of the island of Lampedusa, other than that of the rabbits and the Giuitgia, are all small in size and small i mean really small. This makes the coves very suggestive, however, are not married with the mass tourism during the month of august takes literally dassault these small sandy areas. Alternative is to go on the rocks, what not convenient if one is accustomed to remain in the same place for many hours if not for the entire day. The coves have different characteristics depending on the zone, some are open to the sea as Cala Francese or Cala Maluk, others are as narrow languages of sea that penetrate within earth as cala Madonna, what they share and the beautiful contrast of colors between the sea and the surrounding rocks.

The most beautiful beach and the call of the rabbits, name due to the proximity of homonymous island. This beach, in addition to being the largest in the sland, has a sea, which lies in front of which you can define quietly caribbean. Soul of the visitor you rejuvenation to see water so clear and crystalline with colors and shades of green and blue very nice. Open is quite large and also the Guitgia beach located near the country in a newly developed area, it presents itself as a classic beach in the form of a spoon with a clear sea in front of it. The remaining beaches are quite small or almost non-existent and this creates problems during periods of greatest tourist influx.
The steps of many cultures which have passed through in the course of history this island has not left a lot of traces, single element was to represent a local feature are the Dammusi, features homes built in stone that are notable for the presence on the roof of a central dome quite wide. On island there are a few of the originals while there are several modern ones that have adopted the same style.

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