Los Roques travel story

360 Atolls from postcard that one hand supreme has set as the dust of stars on a platform reef that has emerged from the depths of the Caribbean Sea. The archipelago of Los Roques is a huge natural swimming pool made of white sand and turquoise sea with depths ranging from dream for lovers of diving but also for those who practice the snorkeling. The main island of Gran Roque is the only point where to stay all over the archipelago. A few others are the islands where there are homes. Being a natural park Venezuelan, much attention is paid to the preservation of this paradise. In Gran Roque is no longer permitted building for which the only hospitality is offered by posade (small pensions) often derived from earlier fishermen's houses. All streets are sandy and carfree except an old truck that once a day collect the waste. This aspect also contributes to the charm of this place that seems so far away from civilisation, here the children can play calm along the roads.

The days in Los Roques slide easily and without haste. In the morning the tourists reach the marina where boats leave fast toward the various islands, each day a different island, each day a different show. The lances are loaded soft drinks and food to spend the whole day on the island chosen. The most distant is reached in about an hour (depending on the sea). On arrival you landed on the beach more accessible, the sailors prepare file of beach umbrellas, with deck chairs on the basis of the number of tourists then depart for return to the base (when you reach the farthest islands also remain them) and then return typically at 5 p.m. In doing so often remains alone on an island or a islet as explorers have gone astray. Here begins the real day where everyone is dedicated to spend the time as it sees fit. It always starts with the admire the wonders around you, the colorful sea, the sky from deep blue to then go to the exploration of the island, to the long walks on the white sandy beaches or in vast lagoons where the warm water often does not exceed 50 centimetres. And then continuous baths in water always hot, snorkelling and finish with a little rest before lunch under the umbrellas. Already under the umbrellas because the sun is really strong and if not addressed in the right way can give nasty surprises even to the skin more "navigated". The evening when they are to rejuvenate, there was an overwhelming feeling that you are ripping to an unreal world that don't want to ever leave.

Returned to Gran Roque remains the time for some walk in the town before sunset, always spectacular, then dinner and chatting on the terrace or in the living room sipping rum Venezuelan. Gran Roque offers no special amusement or entertainment but it's good, this is also part of its beauty.

The islands of the archipelago are all many beautiful if not spectacular, with a sea from indescribable colors. Each of them has some characteristic that distinguishes them, certainly the most renowned are Cayo de Agua where a small island is linked to that larger by a tongue of sand that appears and disappears according to tides, Crasqui with its wide and long beach and a sea incredible, Francisqui with its "pools" an interior lagoon spectacular, not to mention the islets of Cayo Muerto and Cayo Sardine (two fistfuls of sand) both immersed in a lagoon that leaves you breathless and that can hardly be describ. We can not fail to mention even Carenero, Espenqui Sarqui, and the lagoons of Boca de Medium and Boca Sebastopol, warm water and turquoise.
I stayed at Posada Lagunita mail in the center of the country, a structure in which i was very good, simple but clean with a comfort appropriate to the context and with a great availability on the part of managers. Being the property of an italian (many are the posade managed by our fellow countrymen) and frequented mainly by Italians, the kitchen and, inevitably, close to the italian, but with appropriate diversification on the theme very pleasant.

It is said that the places that resemble the paradise are rare but if the paradise exists really could be this or, at least, could somigliarli very.

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