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Nosy Be

Nosy Be is Madagascar's most important tourist attraction. On the west coast of the island develop beaches where numerous tourist villages arise, although the best ones are north where the sand is white and the sea takes on the colors of green and turquoise. The interior, made of simple and poor villages, offers a few cues of interest.

Nosy Iranja

Nosy Iranja is the most spectacular tourist attraction in this area of Madagascar. Indeed, there are two islands joined by a long and wide tongue of white sand that appears and disappears with the tide changes. Here the sea offers the best of it with its shades ranging from blue to turquoise to blue.

Nosy Komba

Nosy Komba is an island covered by a dense forest, wild, not dangerous and very quiet. With two Malagasy villages inhabited by fishermen that tourism is slowly transforming. There are some family-run tourist facilities that in the simplicity offer excellent services. The limited reception capacity favors a friendly climate with the managers and other tourists.

Small Nosy

In the area of Nosy Be there are some small uninhabited islands but undoubtedly natural beauty. Nosy du Manoir small but surrounded by a beautiful sea with beautiful backdrops, Nosy Tanikely with its dazzling beach and Nosy Ambariobe, made up of two small islets separated by a small stretch of sea with coral and tropical fish

Small faces

Collection of photos taken by children in villages, schools, beach, or encountered along my visits to Nosy Be, Nosy Iranja and Nosy Komba.

travel story

Earth with exceptional landscapes, with intense colors, land that conquers and leaves .....

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Slideshow of photos taken in a single gallery with the most distinctive and beautiful shots


Many of Madagascar's curiosities include Famadihana custom or the smallest monkey ....

Nosy Be

Graph of the climate of Nosy Be
Nosy Be climate chart, month to month with rainy days of sun, precipitation, etc.

in depth

Nosy Be most beautiful beaches

A selection of the most beautiful beaches in the various islands near Nosy Be

Remo & Berenice

The small but charming resort of Remo and Berenice nestled in the green of Nosy Komba

Malgasce boats

Review of the most used means of transport in Nosy Be; pirogues and traditional boats