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Land of exceptional landscapes, vivid colors and varied fauna, land conquest and leaves a lasting impression ..... continue

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Album that collects photographs more interesting, characteristics and curious of Madagascar captured during my trip


There are several curiosities of this country including the ancient custom Famadihana or the smallest monkey ..... continue

Nosy Be climate

Graph of the climate of Nosy Be

Graph of the climate of Nosy Be month by month with precipitation, rain days, temperature, sunshine,  etc.

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Map with indication of the location and places of interest visited during the trip to Madagascar

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Trip to northern Madagascar, Tsingy and sacred lake  (by Princia Andria)

Far from the tourist sites emblematic of Madagascar, travel to North Anivorano means leave the beaten path and explore a land of legend and the lunar landscape. Located along the national road # 6, about 70 km before arriving at Diego Suarez, the site is worth a stop during a trip to Madagascar, it was only to visit his sacred lake full of crocodiles and his Tsingy Rossi, transporting you from one minute to another to another world at the same time fragile and haunting.

Sacred lake

The origin of the lake is a legend. It tells the story of a village in one piece engulfed by water, following the wrath of a god who was thirsty and asked for a drink to the villagers. Since the latter did not gave him nothing except an old lady, God threw them a fortune and their village disappeared in one fell swoop in a lake. And according to this story, all the villagers of the time would turn into crocodiles, except the old woman. This would explain the abundance of reptiles on these places. Believing they still to this legend, it has become a ritual for local people bring you an offer, ask for some things to these reptiles. Usually, they are sacrificed zebu.

The red Tsingy

Continuing your journey along the RN 6, get ready to discover a spectacular world to 30 km before Diego. These are the Tsingy, but not those of Bemaraha and Ankarana, but the red Anivorano North Tsingy. They are distinguished by their color and their constituent elements. Compounds from limestone, marl and especially from sandstone, have surprising appearance but they are very fragile, so that the water and the wind as well as a simple step can crumble.

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Most beautiful beaches

A selection of the most beautiful beaches in the various islands near Nosy Be

Remo and Berenice

The small but charming resort of Remo and Berenice nestled in the green forest of Nosy Komba

Malgasce boats

Brief review of the most used means of transport in Nosy Be ; pirogues and traditional boats

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