Madagasce boats

What is the most used means of transport in an area rich in islands and isles? The answer is simple; the boat. The fact that we are in a poor country like Madagascar means this medium is not indifferent enough to become a means to survive. The boat is a simple means, it uses the wind that is a free good (motor boats are a luxury) and requires little maintenance.
The unique feature of smaller boats is their realization, this is a piroga made from the trunk of a tree so a unique piece that is excavated with a long and tiring work process considering the scarce tools available. The result is a narrow and long boat that can not navigate steadily unless supported by one or two side supports with the function of stabilizers. In Madagascar, only one side support is used, typically to the right of the boat.

Below we see some examples of small boats and their use in the area of Nosy Be.

The main use of a boat is definitely fishing, the main resource of this population. Here we see some very simple fishing boats without a tree on which to sail a sail and moved with the sole strength of the arms. They are fishermen who do not push very far and exploit the frozen waters of these islands.

Many fishermen leave at sunset, a most favorable time for fishing

This fishing boat has a small sail, as you can see, the sail is a piece of square carved cloth and backed by two small wooden pallets.

Even this lone fisherman uses a square sail to push a little further off, but the day is not favorable and the wind is absent.

The rocky shape of the islands often does not allow people to move from one village to another so easily and safely that the best way is the sea and here is the "taxi" service.

By navigating subcontracting, the "taxi" can easily load other passengers or small goods along its route.

Rowing starts small by little because going to school is a problem for many children who live in isolated areas. Here is a small baby-sized piroga with some backpackers from a village (Ampangorina) where there is an elementary school..

Tourists also use these snacks for short trips, they are a pleasant alternative to the usual motorboats.

This pyroga is used to transport goods (especially rice which is one of the main foods of this population). Even in this case the sail is a simple square and the little wind tends to slightly, a lot of barge work for the conveyor.

Here is a somewhat larger vessel used for freight transport. The absence of wind forces the sail to be closed and the thrust is given by the two sailors who have to use the push rods that lure on the bottom. In these cases, navigation is inevitably under coast and fatigue is so much.

This freight vessel returns empty and in the absence of wind it is necessary to push on the auctions.

Here is a larger vessel for freight transport and more. To move a boat of this type it takes the wind, which is characteristic of the shape of this sail.

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