Madagascar from Remo and Berenice

For such a special holiday as a place to live in a country like Madagascar, I wanted to find a decent accommodation or accommodation that I wanted to live with. After several searches on the internet I found a structure managed by a couple, who has been Italian-born for many years in Madagascar while she is one of the place. The couple offered and still offers hospitality in a small reality made up of a few bungalows in a secluded area on the island of Nosy Komba. The small beach in front of you, the wild nature surrounding, the full availability of meals and the availability of excursions have convinced me. What I had read and imagined turned out to be real, the hospitality and the excellent cuisine have given me 10 wonderful days and hardly repeatable. Remo and Berenice are the couple who manages this facility that you can easily find on the internet. Thanks to their humble, attentive, efficient and discreet staff, you can organize great boat excursions, visit unusual places and islands outside the usual tourist circuits, or fish (the sea is so fishy that even a deny like me has managed to Take trolls and small tuna), go along with picking oysters for a day out or hunting for great crabs in those parts.
After some time, I knew that Remo was missing, but I also know that Berenice continues the activity and has kept the name of the structure even in memory of her husband.

Here is the small white sandy beach in front of the property. In this area of the Indian Ocean, tides are an important phenomenon, the altitude difference can reach 4 meters at some points. At high tide, the beach is reduced to a tiny sandstorm and can come close to the structures.

The small central structure is used as a common area with living area and dining area (breakfast and dinner).

In order to be able to board a motorboat or a boat at low tide, a long wooden jetty is used to allow a sea area where there is sufficient water depth to small boats.

Here is the area of my bungalow, a small sandy area with deckchairs, a beautiful coconut palm, some rocks and the sea with colors ranging from green to blue and finally to intense blue.        A small paradise corner

Another bungalow nestled in lush and intense vegetation.

Moving within the small area of the building, you can enjoy beautiful views.

The tropical garden inside the property is dense and rich in vegetation well maintained by Malagasy personnel.

Here is our Malagasy chef who is preparing for dinner the many oysters picked in the afternoon, some will be served raw as tradition wants (not so much to avoid unpleasant consequences) and many will be cooked in the oven with a bit of grated pan and herb, A delicacy !!!!!

And here we are at table with Remo and two other guests of the structure, we start with raw oysters, there is no champagne but good South African white wine that goes equally well .....

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