The most beautiful Nosy Be's beaches

When visiting tropical resorts where the sea is an absolute protagonist, almost always, we are asked the question: what is the most beautiful beach?
As always there is not a unique answer, but we can name those beaches that have involved us more, those honly touched our sensitivity, our view and then our pleasure.
Visiting Madagascar I felt something more than I described above, a feeling I have experienced a few times in other places I have visited in the world; The strong and dominant presence of nature. In its various forms. Get in touch with a wild, uncontaminated reality, where human presence and nature and nature manifest itself in its strength as well as in its beauty is for me a very addictive feeling.

In the area of Nosy Be there are many beaches on different islands, some of which are enchanting, difficult to describe the emotion that is being felt and how many photos can do no justice to the reality of the place

I've found six beaches that I feel pointing to the best of these Malagasy islands.

Nosy Iranja (great island)

I could not start otherwise, Nosy Iranja with its two islands joined by a long white sandy tongue at low tide, are a real wonder. The largest island, where there is a small Malagasy village, has a long white sandy beach that surrounds it for the most part, the surrounding sea has all the shades of blue and green, unforgettable.

Nosy Iranja (small island)

The youngest sister of Nosy Iranja has the same features as her older sister. With the alternation of the tides they form and then disappear small and large lagoons of hot and quiet water to make wonderful baths relaxing. Unfortunately, man has managed to realize in this paradise a very exclusive little resort, fortunately the structure is not visible as it is masked by vegetation, but it is a shame .....

Nosy Tanikely

Nosy Tanikely is a small uninhabited island near Nosy Komba, has one beach but that beach. Already when approaching the boat, it comes into contact with its beautiful and colorful front, then it lands on the fine sand and white. The contact with an uncontaminated nature involves the visitor especially if there are no other tourists. On the northwest side of the island, not far from the shore, there is a wide coral formation where you can practice good snorkeling. The vegetation near the beach is reduced and rises inwardly where dominates a small hill with an old lighthouse now in disuse. An excursion to the lighthouse will allow you to enjoy a splendid panorama.

Andilana Nosy Be

Andilana Beach is located in the northwestern part of Nosy Be Island, where there is a Malagasy fishing village. The area is famous for its long and beautiful white sandy beach where you can take long walks, beautiful baths and eat in some small restaurants directly on the beach. Nearby is a large Italian tourist village. At low tide, Malagasy villagers approach the beach of the tourist village (they do not reach it as forbidden) with their souvenirs mainly consisting of tablecloths, towels, etc. Embroidered by hand and waiting for the tourists in the village. As a result, a kind of market is formed on the sand of the sea.

Nosy Ambariobe

This small island is just a short distance from Nosy Komba. Small in size, just over a handful of sand and black volcanic rock, looks like a white sand atoll. Without vegetation, so without the possibility of shelter from the bustling sun, is surrounded by a beautiful sea. On the east coast, near the shore, there is an extensive coral reef formation with tropical fish. The island is rarely frequented by tourists who often stop for a short time due to the lack of vegetation and points of interest, but the beach and the sea are worth the trip.

Nosy Sakatia

It is an island very close to the west coast of Nosy Be, so that at low tide you can reach it on foot (pay attention to tide times, you may find it difficult). The coast of Nosy Sakatia is predominantly rocky except for some stretches where beaches are present. The most interesting is not visible from Nosy Be because it is on the west coast. It is a beautiful white sandy beach with palm trees almost always deserted. There is nothing on this island except a few fishing huts so you can enjoy a large stretch of coastline all for you with a gorgeous sea front. Sakatia is also called "the island of perfumes" thanks to the innumerable species of orchids that in the flowering period (April-May) cover much of the island.

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