Maldives travel story

A legend tells of a prince and his consort, the daughter of the king of that land which today is called Sri Lanka, stood on Raa atoll during a trip and they were invited to remain as rulers. The legend continues by telling that the prince was kidnapped by the beauty of the islands and the sea for which I accept.

In collective imagination, the Maldives represent the holiday for excellence. This fame is not entirely undeserved. Located to the south-west of India are a set of small islands (over 1100) of coral origin and have dimensions really contained.. Tourist facilities were born in recent years occupy only a part of them, some are inhabited normally and many are those completely deserted often half of organized excursions. The characteristics that distinguish this locality can be traced back to three main aspects. The first relates to the tranquillity of its surroundings. In the islands there are no lorries which circulate if not in special cases, few are those that have a coverage for cell phones, television, and rarely available in the bungalows, the animation of the villages is very discreet or absent in international structures. This means that the Maldives are a destination for those who want to spend a period of true rest. The second aspect to consider concerns the nature. The vegetation is luxuriant always rich in coconut palms and other evergreen plants, the coral sand is white, delicate, seems to talc and not overcooked never under the feet even in the hottest hours thanks to its structure that does not accumulate heat. Last, but not for importance, the sea ; the colors which it assumes are incredible, it goes to the transparency near the shore and then to light green, emerald green, turquoise and blue. The reef rises to protection of the islands for which even in conditions of sea (it would be better to say ocean) stirred the lagoons keep a calm that seems to not true. When it enters water, just go a few meters so that bathe the knee to stop and discover that if surrounded by tropical fish of the barrier. I believe that there are very few places in the world that are able to combine these aspects, for which if times spend some days in a world immersed in nature'll forget your of all the rest, certainly the Maldives are the case your.

International industry of tourism has certainly influenced this reality in good and bad. The maldivian state attempts to maintain strict rules and conditions for the exploitation of its territory in order to avoid a quick and irreversible degradation that, in any case, it is inevitable. The pollution of various kinds, the high presence of people in restricted areas so can not be reconciled with a delicately balanced environment..The Ninjo has done its part in the Maldives hitting the reef that has suffered the temperature rise of the sea. This does not mean that the reef is dead compromising even the presence of the fish that should it their survival, but snorkelers could not find full satisfaction as you would expect.
My experience has been lived Maldivian island Kuramathi (see map and aerial photo), the island of unusual size (over a kilometer long), part of the small Rasdhoo atoll place north of the great Ari Atoll. This atoll is made up of four islands, Kuramathi (the largest), Rasdhoo inhabited by Maldivians, Veligandu with another resort and Marivaru uninhabited. The accommodation is good, well organized, divided into independent facilities, reception, beach bar, restaurant, etc. with wide and comfortable bungalows of the sea and the tropical garden but close to the sea. My bungalow, located in the garden, it was all in wood, in full equipment including air conditioning (I would say essential for someone like me who suffer from the intense heat), with patio to unwind and relax, surrounded by fantastic vegetation. One of the satisfactions was getting up in the morning and the first thing to go out, take no more than 15 meters to the beach front and plunge into the sea in the Maldives has an almost constant temperature to around 26-27 degrees. After a refreshing swim back to the bungalow to continue with the usual activities following the morning awakening. I think that I can not repeat it easily .............

Some council

I think it important to highlight a special Maldivian. We must consider that each island is a community in itself isolated from all the others as a small town. This means that everything that we take for granted and often claim to these islands is a problem. The electricity is produced by generators that run 24 hours a day schelts insulated and soundproof, the fuel tanks are often buried to minimize the impact, fresh water is produced by desalinatori with accumulation tanks often outside , solid waste are accumulated in specific areas and disposed of through rafts intended for this use that operate at night, the sewage is treated before being disposed of as well as all water used for washing of dishes, linens, towels, etc.  On the islands there are warehouses of various types including cold storage for fresh produce, the premises for the service personnel, etc. This means that our tourism must be aware to help reduce the impact of our presence in such a beautiful environment so that you can keep as long as possible.
Another aspect that I would like to highlight concerns the size of the islands. Many villages are located in tiny islands. Consider that everything described before has to find a location, for which the smaller the island will be more obvious and intrusive these aspects.

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