Marsa Alam travel story

Marsa Alam is the name of an area of the Egyptian coast of the Red Sea that stretches from El Quseir Berenice, the area near the border with Sudan. In fact the location from which it is named this stretch of coast is a crossroads in the desert around which consists of a small group of houses. Therefore there is a real town but this is an area where have arisen resorts and villages that have occupied the best stretches of coast. The area has had a progressive development of tourism thanks to its sea, its coral reefs but, in particular, thanks to a wealthy Saudi businessman who has invested heavily in this area contribute significantly to the realization of the airport to the main element development of a desert area.

n Marsa Alam structures are remote from each other even kilometers for which there is often a feeling of living in a reality completely isolated. This also means that there is a nightlife, there are local to attend the evening or walks in coastlines crowded.

I have spent in this area a week to the Kahramana Resort, a structure that is very beautiful, with large rooms divided into several blocks placed on a gentle hill overlooking a sea arm that sees a promontory which divides into two the coast with a beach to the left and one to the right. One of the two has the barrier reef very close for which bathing is almost impossible (there is a pier for breaching the barrier and swim so in open sea ), the other has a protected cove with shallow water and sandy where can i go for pleasant bathrooms without problems. Inside there are several restaurants, bars and swimming pools. The general organization of the village is good and the various services are of a good standard.

As the entire coast, even Marsa Alam is very windy and this could create a nuisance so that every umbrella on the beach also has a fixed screen oriented on prevailing winds in the area. However, thanks to these winds is unable to withstand the sun and the heat that from those parts not jokes. The village also has a shuttle service to the private beach of Abu Dabab, beach located just a few kilometers from the structure very suitable for children, thanks to the ease of access to the sea in a broad stretch where there is no barrier reef.

From here you can organize the outputs to reach the barrier that is not far from where it can make the good snorkeling thanks to seabed rich of colored corals of different nature and a dense variety of tropical fish including turtles who attend willingly the area for the sounding of the algae of which are delicious. That the Red Sea was one of the seas richest in the world in this sense is well known but I assure you that it is here that we can see really no particular effort, just a simple mask and a pair of fins.

In addition to the sun, the sea and the sea there is certainly the desert that has always been a particular charm. In this area, the desert is rocky and not sandy. All the villages organise outputs with all-terrain vehicles for the classic tour the camels, and/or to advance in the wilderness, to reach the oasis and admire the sunset that always offers an amazing show thanks to the reddish color of the rocks, an experience worth living at least once.

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