Curiosities, traditions and legends of Menorca

Xoroi's legend

This legend tells of an Arab castaway named Xoroi who took refuge in a rugged island cave to avoid capture.
Following this event, local farmers began to suffer thefts of food. No one knew who the thief was as Xoroi was shrewd and careful. But fate would have it, during a raid met a young girl he fell in love. One day, shortly before the wedding, the girl disappeared. For years no one knew anything of this woman until, in a particularly cold winter it snowed. The locals discovered footprints that generate suspicions that organized themselves and followed them and discovered the cave where he had fled with the girl Xoroi and three children fruit of their love. Discovered, Xoroi in fear and fell along with the eldest son from a cliff into the sea disappearing. The woman and the remaining two children were taken to Alaior where, they say, still live the descendants of the legend.

Festival of San Juan in Ciutadella

In all the festivities of Menorca dedicated to a patron saint, the protagonists are the horse and its rider. This festival dates back to the fourteenth century and resumed pilgrimages that the wool carders were at the shrine of San Juan de Missa about 5km from the city. The festival actually starts a week before to select the horse and the jockey and follows a precise ritual that begins on June 23 and ends with the feast of June 24 dedicated to the patron. The entire population participates in this ceremony in which the jockeys move through the streets of downtown. In some cases the jockeys entering homes with the horse to pay tribute to the families. In the afternoon, the party with the jockeys and horses will move to the sanctuary and then return to the city in the late afternoon where the party goes on all night.

Recipes from the Balearic Islands

The recipe of the Balearic Islands best known internationally is ... mayonnaise. Not many people know, outside of Spain, which originated from these islands. In Spanish it is called Salsa mahonesa, and was prepared for the first time in Mahon.
Among the main local products we can remember the famous Gin Xoriguer result of distillation in the old copper stills, of vinous alcohol of high quality with juniper berries de selected, from the mountains of the Mediterranean lands and other herbs. These are the "secrets" jealously guarded from the original bouquet.

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