Namibia photo albums


Erongo region is rich in ancient granite formations that seem to come out of nowhere, some of them are of modest size are other imponeneti. In this region we find the Maestore dunes Sandich Bay and just outside the UNESCO site Twyfelfontein region.


The Kalahari has been my first contact with the wild Namibia, along broad, endless, dusty tracks where passing very few vehicles. Within the private park of Camelthon Kalahari Lodge there was the first contact with the animals of the savannah.

Etosha Park

Etosha Park is the largest and most famous of Namibia, has a number of trails well marked and identified that cross and that allow to approach the waterholes that favor the encounter with animals, lions, giraffes, rhinos , elephants, hyenas, gazelles, antelopes, ect.


Sossusvlei Park, with high red dunes, is one of the main attractions of Namibia. It starts early in the morning and many face the climb the dune 45 which is the most popular but not because it is the highest (only 90 meters, other are 350 meters high) but because it's easier to board. The overall scenario of the valley around which they develop these soft, wavy, colorful dunes is amazing.


Namibia living with 13 different ethnic groups, each of which contributes to maintaining a highly diverse cultural heritage, among these the most interesting are the San (aka Bushmen), the Nama, the Damara, Herero, the Himba and Ovambo. In the tour I did in Namibia I contacted three of these ethnic groups, mainly with Bushmen and Himba and a fast passage with the Herero.

Along the roads

Album with photographs taken on the streets of Namibia while traveling with cross-country vehicle.