Peru photo albums

Ballestas islands

A notable experience is the visit to the wild Ballestas islands characterized by the many animals and birds that populate them

Paracas Reserve

A nature reserve where the desert fascinates with its desolate landscapes, with the great dunes and the endless ocean coasts


The famous lines of Nazca, large drawings visible from above, often sources of legends and fantastic stories

St. Fernando Reserve

Another natural reserve along the oceanic coast of Peru that offers tourists beautiful natural and wildlife scenery


Defined as the White City, it is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a splendid example of colonial architecture

Colca Canyon

One of the deepest canyons in the world, offers the close view of the largest bird in the world, the Andean condor

Titicaca Lake

Interesting visit to the tourist floating islands of the Uros population and to the island of Taquile, example of a Peru of other times

Tinajani Canyon

A little known canyon, its gorges, rocks, spiers and internal valleys fascinate for their intense shapes and colors


Inca City par excellence in the heart of the Sacred Valley, UNESCO World Heritage Site is rich in historical buildings and life

Sacrev Valley

A valley that was Sacred for the Inca search for archaeological sites that tell the culture and life of this great people

Machu Picchu

Considered among the seven wonders of the modern world, this archaeological site Inca surprises and fascinates every visitor


The capital of Peru is a large modern city that offers some interesting historical insights to the tourist who visits it

Along the roads

Walking through the streets of Peru you discover the wild nature of this country that offers curious and interesting foreshortenings


The Peruvian population with its traditions and customs is a great starting point for an ethnic photograph

Peru travel story

Land of the great Inca warriors, scattered with archaeological sites and a lot of wild nature

Peru photos gallery

Photographs slideshow collected in a single gallery with the most characteristic shots

Peru curiosities

There are several curiosities of this country as the nodes of Quipu or the rare orchids of the Andes .....

Lima climate

Lima climate graph
Climate graph of Lima, month by month, sunny days of rain, precipitation, etc.

Cuzco climate

Cuzco climate graph
Climate graph of Cuzco, month by month, sunny days of rain, precipitation, etc.

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Peru in depth

St. Catalina

St. Catalina Monastery of Arequipa, a citadel inside the city where the novices and nuns ....

Floating Islands

Characteristic floating islands of the Uros, population that lives on the Titicaca lake ....

Andean Baroque

Baroque Andean with its churches full of paintings, statues and golden altars .....

Wild Perù

Video slideshow with photos that tell the wild and little known nature of Peru.