Little Italy - Bonassola

This small village on the east coast of Liguria lies in the province of La Spezia. Located in a small creek, it is composed of seven villages that develop from the sea towards the retreat hills rich in sea pines and typical terraces of olive groves and vineyards. The country mainly lives in summer tourism and enjoys a tranquility and serenity enviable especially during the week.

Panorama of the coast with the beach

Rocks along the beach


A stretch of the rocky coast
Cliff portion

The main square with parish church

Country road

Lying in village center

Lying in village center

Church Madonna della Punta


Donkeys street in the Brisighella hamlet

Castel Bolognese

The carts with Castel Bolognese wine barrels


The painted doors in Lavaggiorosso village

Portico di Romagna

The cribs in the streets of Portico di Romagna