Little Italy - Brisighella

Medieval village whose origins date back to the end of the 13th century. The village is located on the gilded hills of the Apennine of Forlì and is characterized by three selenium cliffs on which the Rock, Clock Tower and the Monticino Shrine are built. The center of the village preserves the medieval structure with ups and downs and narrow lanes. Great attraction is reserved for the agricultural products of the area and good cuisine in line with the Romagna tradition.
In the historic center we find a special street called "via degli Asini", a raised street covered by arches that formerly rested on a large rock base. Here the caravans of animals used to transport the material from the nearby chalk quarries were passed here. Today the street is accessible on foot and retains the charm of a time with its arches on the borough road, with its gates of houses and On the workshops at the time and with its irregular and tempered pavement.

The clock tower
Il castello arroccato
The parish church
The main square
An alley in the Old Town
An alley inside the village
The road overlooking the "Via dei Asini"
The "Via dei Asini"
Another alley in the country

Monticino Shrine outside the village


The natural beauty of Bonassola Bay

Castel Bolognese

The carts with Castel Bolognese wine barrels


The painted doors in Lavaggiorosso village

Portico di Romagna

The cribs in the streets of Portico di Romagna