Little Italy - Castel Bolognese

Castel Bolognese is a small village in Emilia Romagna between Imola and Faenza. Its location is in the Romagna countryside and its vocation is typically peasant and linked to the cultivation of vines for the production of wine such as Trebbiano, Albana, San Giovese, etc. There is nothing special in this city and nothing interesting to see except during the Pentecost festival. Around the year 1630, the area was plagued by this plague and the country of Castel Bolognese was immoral. The inhabitants decided to send a religious feast as a thank-you for the escaped danger. Since 1631, the feast took place on the day of Pentecost.

During the party it was tradition to consume the wine that the peasants carried in barrels mounted on wagons that were used by the stockpiles to deliver the wine to the landowners. The wagons used were and are still today, particularly well cared for and finished, some other inlaid paintings. Today, these wagons are still used during the party and are shown in beautiful exhibitions by wine-producing farms who continue to keep and store these wagons and barrels to show them on the feast.








The natural beauty of Bonassola Bay


Donkeys street in the Brisighella hamlet


The painted doors in Lavaggiorosso village

Portico di Romagna

The cribs in the streets of Portico di Romagna