Little Italy - Lavaggiorosso

Mountain village situated in the Ligurian hinterland not far from the sea. It is a fraction of the town of Levanto (SP) and like many other villages in the area it develops on a very steep rocky cliff, the ideal place to defend itself against the attacks of the pirates that once raged in the Ligurian Sea.
It is characterized by buildings lying one by one, separated by narrow lanes and united by large numbers. The village lives the days quietly and quietly, in its alleys meet only elderly people or children who play serenely.
In the hamlet there is a unique custom, paint the doorways of the houses. There is no specific topic and everyone is free to express themselves with their own imagination and creativity, thus generating a great variety of paintings from the most diverse and / or imaginative subjects.

Alley of Lavaggiorosso village

Clean and well kept village

Another interior alley

Stone houses and new homes

A first painted door

Windows effect

Hand-painted bird flights

Sun, moon and planets

Work in the fields and work at home

A glimpse of the sea

Abstract theme

Fantasy theme

Abstract theme


The natural beauty of Bonassola Bay


Donkeys street in the Brisighella hamlet

Castel Bolognese

The carts with Castel Bolognese wine barrels

Portico di Romagna

The cribs in the streets of Portico di Romagna