Little Italy - Portico di Romagna

The village is close to the border between Emilia Romagna and Tuscany and was common to this last region until 1923. The village develops practically on three levels above but distinctly linked to each other by alleys and narrow streets. The tallest part is the castle of which remains only the tower, the pieve and the palace of the Podestà. The middle floor is the noble and noble palaces, while the lower floor near the river was inhabited by people and artisans. The good preservation of the buildings, especially in the lower part of the country, make Portico di Romagna an interesting place to visit anyway. His interest is increasing in the Christmas season due to the special tradition of street cribs. The population participates enthusiastically in the realization of countless cuttings and open air (on average over a hundred pieces), cribs scattered in the most charming corners of the village, on the facades of houses, windows, doors, undercover, benches , Inside wire trunks, in various objects, different size and size cribs using the most varied materials. Awesome night vision.

Ducal palace at the village entrance

Alley in the hamlet

View of the square overlooking the country

The ancient bridge of the Majesty

Among the entrances to the houses

Cropping on cribs in the main street

Towards the ancient village

Cribs in the hamlet

Characteristic these hanging cribs

Always in the borough

Simple but suggestive crib

Cutout of the crib on a hollow trunk

Nightlife in the village

Nativity made with bread

Nightfall between alleyways and niches

At the foot of the Bridge of Majesty


The natural beauty of Bonassola Bay


Donkeys street in the Brisighella hamlet

Castel Bolognese

The carts with Castel Bolognese wine barrels


The painted doors in Lavaggiorosso village