Prague photo albums 

The Castle

Located on a hill dominates the entire city. Inside the beautiful St. Vitus Cathedral with its Treasury and the Golden Streetborgo, a popular amlet famous for its legends of magic and alchemy.

The City

Photo album that collects the most interesting and relevant corners of Prague's historic center, its squares, its monuments and its palaces

The Moldava

Along this river lives another town, along its banks develop neighborhoods and palaces, modern bridges and historic bridges like the one of King Charles IV, one of the most famous museums in the city of Prague.

Praga travel story

The city of Prague is an authentic gem, various architectures from all over Europe

Praga curiosities

Many Prague curiosities such as the legend of Princess Libussa or Hromnice's day 

Praga climate

climate graph of Prague
Graph of the climate of Praga, month by month with precipitation, days of rain, temperature

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