Dominican Republic travel story

This trip to the Dominican Republic was organized by me in the traditional form offered by travel agencies, a 9 days and 7 nights all inclusive package. It is not my custom to organize trips like this but, for family reasons, on this occasion I have adopted this formula.

The Viva Dominicus is a structure which is very well known by the Italians, it is located near Bayahibe in one of the most beautiful stretches of the south coast of the Dominican Republic. Italian are the majority of the guests of this great village composed of two distinct realities, the beach and the Palace. The two villages are one beside the other and there is a genuine division and the perception of being in one or the other is mainly given by the fact that at the beach there are the bungalows and The Palace rooms in large buildings. Personally I have stayed at the beach in a bungalow inside place in a quiet area and surrounded by a pleasant tropical garden.The inside, in the typical local style, it presents sober, spacious and clean. The village is really great and able to accommodate large number of tourists which complicates life when a high number of them is poured out on the beach which is not able to collect this number of people. Fortunately just move away a little toward the north to find a stretch of beach less frequented but also with a more coral that does not facilitate the bathing. The sea is beautiful, tropical typically intense colors that lends itself to pleasant bathrooms.. Some stretches coral require attention but this is part of the context and of the beauty of the place. The pool is small but nobody complains about this with a sea so a few steps. The service offered is of type "all inclusive" and the bar always operates at full pace, a proven organization and a large number of employees is always able to manage the continuing and sometimes troubling demands of tourists. The restaurant is suitable for the number of guests even if in peak hours you may have to wait for an available table. I have always found the quality of the food is good enough, the variety is contained but I do not believe we can say that the kitchen is repetitive, worthy of note are the cakes.Interesting is the opportunity to eat in a restaurant by the sea, very nice and well cared for where the service is at the table and the dishes that you can enjoy are in part different from those offered by the main restaurant, but you have to book in a village as this certainly does not fail the animation that here has a nice amount of tourists to follow and manage, in fact there are many boys that compose which propose many activities and daytime and evening entertainment.
The Viva Dominicus Palace,positioned to the side of the beach extends over a stretch of beach is more linear. The inner part of this village has a wide green area with tropical garden with a pond in the center and all around buildings with the rooms and the restaurant. The beach is well equipped and suffers less than'high concentration of tourists compared to the beach. Passed the village toward south, you can make beautiful walks thanks to the long beach that alternates to the free portions, but with many hawkers, sometimes more wild breeding some resort. The hikes are different but those that I think are worth are two, Saona Island and Catalina island.

Saona island

For the excursion to this island, I suggest you do not use the proposals that are made inside the resort but leaving from the village and reach, immediately on the right, a small shopping area for tourists and local agencies which organize excursions of any type. The advantage is twofold, the cost is lower and the groups are small one or two boats to the maximum against the four or five on average organized by the village. You can also discuss and force to make a turn a little bit different from that provided for a catalog with undoubted and pleasant advantages.
We started in the morning with a single motorboat with 10 occupants more two people as crew. Immediately the differences compared to the standard, perform the lap provided in the opposite direction with respect to the other. This has allowed us to reach a beautiful bay that is located before Saona Island, when there was none (all can see in the afternoon to return). We stayed and we descended (the water does not exceed the 60-70cm). Beautiful walks in the midst of the crystalline sea and blue with a calm water, warm and in search of starfish. After this beautiful experience we left to reach the island but we have exceeded the great beach where everyone stops and flock and we went directly to the village that others visit in the afternoon. We descended and we were virtually alone even here …. This is a small village of fishermen, almost all now converted to tourism, very abandonment and some hut where they will be selling the usual souvenirs. This contrasts with the natural context that is really beautiful, white beaches of fine sand fringed in large coconut palms for kilometers, a splendid sea from blue to green turquoise. At lunch time we finish in the house of a fisherman where we consume lobsters and prawns grilled ; that is to be eaten. In the first afternoon, after a nice stroll around in absolute freedom, it restarts before it reaches the horde of tourists and still going beyond flank the coast until you reach the lagoon "Song of the Playa" with the "Playa Encantada" where few excursions arrive.
There are no words to describe the place and understand why it has given this name, a wild stretch of coast in a bay protected from the barrier with a long white-sand beach. Here, perhaps more than in other places, the colors are very intense and strong contrasts between the main elements, the sea, the sky, sand and vegetation. Use a bit of time to realize and admire all this. Swim or simply stroll on the shore is a great pleasure in a similar context, you would not want to go back, but after little more than an hour of "Paradise" the sun is decreasing is the return journey is long since we have gone almost to the extreme tip of Saona Island, an island really wonderful.

Catalina island

The island is located in north of the village in the vicinity of the city of La Romana. The coast of this island is the most indented with respect to Saona and beaches are minors. The most beautiful and long develops on the west side of the island and is the point where you normally landed tourists of excursions. This stretch has the similar prerogatives of the Caribbean beaches with a beautiful sea, white sand and coral palms at will. Being more exposed to the sea, the beach is more "short" as subject to greater erosion. Here you will also find a small and exclusive resort well integrated in the vegetation but it was much better if the island had remained a pristine park in this sense. Immediately inside the beach there are some areas equipped with gazebo in local style where tourists find the possibility to eat fish, fruit and rice (normally forms part of the excursion) in a pleasant surroundings. The excursion to the Catalina Island provides for the possibility of snorkeling in some points where the sea is not very deep, it is an experience which is not worth pointing, pleasant but with a few tropical fish. The rintono, typically there is a passage to visit a tourist resort on the coast in the vicinity of La Romana, an exclusive area consisting of a curious series of channels on which overlook small houses with parking boats front house.

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