Rhodes photo albums

Rhodes city

Rhodes city, the heart of the business and tourist destinations on the island is often invaded by tourists that descend from the large cruise ships sailing the Mediterranean Sea. The historic center, declared World Heritage of Humanity, develops around the walls. Strolling among the various alleys you can grasp the reality of the medieval city that in part is still present even if often damaged by the presence of shops, bars, restaurants for tourists. The passage of populations and different dominations you note from the surrounding walls of the Byzantine era, from the palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of St John by the presence of minarets, mosques and towers.


It's the second city of the island from flavor all Greek, low houses all white, blue doors or brown, narrow alleys and an acropolis with a fortress of the Knights of St John placed on a high rocky spur that dominates the city. Here everything is converted to tourism and the characteristic alleys are now filled with all kinds of shops, restaurants, tavernas, etc. Lindos is a location very well known thanks to the presence of some large villages of known tour operator in Europe places in its bays that are located in the north of the town. Just south of the inhabited center is located in the splendid bay of S. Paul, a small rocky cove from the waters color green-turquoise.


The island of Rhodes develops with an orientation almost north-south thus presenting the two coasts, an oriental more secure and with sea more quiet where there are many beaches of various kinds, sandy, rocky or pebble and a west coast more jagged, more beaten by the winds and the sea storms, with reduced settlements therefore less interesting for tourists. The majority of tourist centers and of the most famous locality are in the stretch north of the east coast between the city of Rhodes and Lindos where we find the famous bay of Ladiko also called the bay of Anthony Queen.

Inside island

Inside the island we find the Monte Fil√®rimos near Ialyssos (zone north) where you will find an archaeological park located on its top impervious, monte that, thanks to its strategic position, turns out to be an excellent observation point of a long stretch of the north coast. Many were the settlements of this park that have succeeded one another in the course of the centuries, among the best preserved and restored, are those of the Knights. Famous is also the valley of the butterflies, a narrow valley internal Pataloudes (zone north of the island) where, in the month of May, you play a multitude of butterflies. If you want to savor the atmosphere typical of Greek villages you can visit the localities of Gennadio Lachania and. Here the rhythms are quiet and silence reigns supreme. The homes are white with their doors/gates blue or brown, the alleys are tight and clean as if you were waiting for someone. Beautiful spots of color round off, the bouganville emerge here and in the narrow streets, or are placed to decorate the inputs of the houses or pretty flower garden interiors.